Mid-Year Review

June is upon us, as it the quasi-customary mid-year review of the state of things within the Land of Exposition and its various works in progress. Though really the works in progress are mostly components of a greater whole, one which I sincerely hope makes some semblance of sense when all is said and done (or rather, written and published). That greater whole, the epic saga that has been mentioned quasi-frequently and rarely elaborated upon is (of course) the MASC Chronicles, the three part, multiple book series spanning across time and a quasi-alternate universe.

Or at least it was called the MASC Chronicles until fairly recently – as many writers can attest, ideas flutter about haphazardly, dropping epiphanies and floating away to conspire to create other forms of mischief. The mind has the ability and capacity to run many concurrent scenarios and filter out the absurd (most of the time), as well as compartmentalize real life / world information and fictional imaginings, ensuring the thought streams do not cross.

Well, most minds can do that, separate facts from “fake news”, while others revel in alternate facts and their own bubble of reality. But this is a writing blog and not a political one, and I have no qualifications to comment on the goings on in the world today (and even if I had, this is not the place to do so)


As the muses work their magic on giving the plot bunnies fodder for their efforts, thoughts wander on making sense of the overall layout of the epic saga – the practical world and character building aspects mentioned a few entries ago. As the combination of muses, plot bunnies and a copious amount of Cold Brew coffee (with a side of binge watching Doctor Who) another dimension of possibility has been added which gives some clarity to the process of (alternate) universe building for the Epic Saga.

And all it took was adding one letter.

And it happened three nights ago, at that not-so-convenient point in time that is as one is drifting off to sleep, just before the REM cycle starts.

So the building begins quasi-anew as the extra dimension turns the perspective of the storytelling structure just a little to the left – more possibilities arise, and the fog lifts slightly, though it still rolls along creating its enigmatic effect.

More ripples upon the time / space continuum where fixed points vanish, only to be replaced by new fixed points where Everything Changes – whether or not those changes are positive, negative or neutral remains to be seen.

What is certain is that the mid-year mark is a good time to refresh, rethink, and review all that has come before. Summer hasn’t officially started yet (even though it’s past Memorial Day, the traditional threshold ushering a new season), but there has been a shift in the wind, and a (climate) change in the air.

Time to do something about it.

It’ll all make sense in the end.

I hope.



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