The Role of Social Media

Back to blogging at my (quasi) usual time, when I ponder about what to write and how much to share, though admittedly, I really haven’t shared that much about the various works in progress aside from quasi-cryptic musings and semi-frequent updates on the state of the Land of Exposition. There are times I wish it was a real place I can visit (or stay for a while), if only to retreat from the craziness that is the Real World – where the weather is temperate (most of the time), the accommodations calm (usually) and where anything goes (sorta). Where like-minded people mingle with ethereal muses and potentially have time to plot, ponder and actually!write, without interruptions, distractions or drama.

Real Life has a way of consuming time and energy – worrying about things that are (mostly) out of one’s control and what the future might be (and considering the state of world affairs these days, it’s a valid concern). Despite all this, the writing process should continue; though in my case it comes in irregular cycles, much of which gets edited within an inch of its life. Sharing details about the works in progress has been intermittent and (probably) inconsistent, yet I post a blog entry every week and share it on social media, albeit the only social media platform on which I share these posts is on Facebook (both on my personal page and an author page I started shortly after creating this blog.). Granted, I haven’t been as active in sharing much writing-related on social media aside from the weekly entries, though I should. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are useful tools used to share ideas and to promote products to the general public (or at least to those who use these social media outlets).

It’s quasi-ironic that I use Facebook, as I’m quite introverted by nature and rarely share anything insightful about myself or my works in progress on my personal page, author page or in the various groups of which I’m a member (though as an avid photographer, I regularly use Instagram and post photos on a semi-frequent basis).  Sharing such details is a dual edge (light)saber, with a Light side and Dark side – sometimes you can receive constructive criticism and other times you get insidious insults.

Alliteration is alive and all right!


Sorting through the chatter is time consuming – then again so is scrolling through social media. Inspiration and collaboration can occur while reading other people’s posts and comments (careful not to fall for click bait links), though most of the time going through the news feed (and attempting to scroll past the knee-jerk, reactive, and often insulting comments) is distracting to begin with. On the other hand, social media is one avenue aspiring writers can advertise their works, with the hopes of building a fan base at the grassroots level. Going the traditional route of mainstream publishing houses is a difficult and lengthy process. There’s a liberating sense of accomplishment in self / independent publishing, though there’s more work involved – editing the manuscript, creating the cover art and distributing the final product (physical and / or digital copies) to the public.

While costly (time and money wise), it’s possible.

I’m nowhere near that point in the process, but at least I know it’s an option. After all, the journey to the destination is just as important as the destination itself. (I think I paraphrased that correctly).

Back to work (though I’ll be fixated on the new teaser trailer for The Last Jedi for a while, and will watch the series premiere of Doctor Who later).


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