World Building Options

While last week’s entry focused on the quasi-meta update of the Land of Exposition, (which has developed into an inadvertent and mostly improvised meta series separate from the main works in progress) the updates on the state of the primary work in progress (namely the MASC Chronicles) have been scarce.

Or nearly almost nonexistent (though quasi-cryptic musings have surfaced every now and then).

Some actual!writing commenced for a short span of time, plots were plotted, and extensive character development… developed. All that remains is the construction of the world in which the stories reside – while the general framework has been established, the exact details have yet to be determined. World building is an elaborate process, with infinite possibilities and complex aspects that shape the characters and influence the narrative arc.

Perhaps the “easiest” option is to simply set the story in the Real World – the structure is already established into which fictional characters can be inserted, and the reader will (hopefully) be familiar with the setting and can relate to the characters and their journey through the narrative.

The more complex (and complicated) option would be to build a Created World into which anything goes and anything (within reason) can happen. This Created World can be a place / time that is completely fictional, where the social, cultural, and political structure can be whatever the writer dreams up (wizards, elves, vampires, etc.).

Another option would be to meld the aforementioned two options to create an alternate / parallel world where anything could still happen, but there could also be a semblance of familiarity for the reader (and the writer).

The time in which any of the options could be in the past, present or (near or distant) future, In the case of the MASC Chronicles, it would be all three, though not concurrently (at least not at this juncture – time travel is still a quasi-option, and Doctor Who will be starting its new series soon…)


There are positives and negatives to any of these options, and choosing which path to take (and sticking to that decision) is daunting in that it will determine how the story unfolds and how the characters will develop and interact.

Thus far, the MASC Chronicles will travel down the third option – the melding of the Real World and the Created World over the course of three centuries. That being said / written, the point at which the Real World diverges into the Created World remains to be seen – depending on when the road diverges, a whole lot of (alternate) history would need to be created. I have a pretty good idea where / when the timeline will diverge, but pondering which divergent path to take is the real challenge.

Of course then there are the two other Series to contemplate – will the divergent timeline continue or will the Universe reset itself? Or, with a new divergent timeline emerge as a result of the goings on in Divergent Timeline #1?

There is quite a lot to plot and ponder about with regards to the foundation upon which the story is set, aside from the Game of Genres. It’s concurrently fun and frustrating yet in the end (if there’ll ever be an end) it’ll be worth the journey.

I hope.


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