The State of the Land of Exposition

Extract from The Tales from the Land of Exposition – Journal of Plot Monitor #9

Celestial Time Stamp: Later Than Anticipated

Weather: Suspiciously mild, with bouts of random musings

So it’s been a while since the last update, but the state of things in the Land of Exposition are fairly stable, though rumblings from the Real Life Brigade could possibly be of some concern in the near future. Perhaps the most significant change within (or rather without) the Land of Exposition was the fundraising and subsequent construction of a massive, environmentally friendly dome encompassing the Land of Exposition. With all the adverse shenanigans from the Real Life Brigade and the state of things beyond the borders of the Land of Exposition posing a potential threat to the very existence of the services offered within its borders, proactive action was essential. Questions of validity and dubious comments about the future state have pushed for the need to act to preserve the quasi-status quo. A clinical evaluation of the environs of within the Land of Exposition resulted in an inventory of sustainable resources and a separate list of export goods necessary for the well-being of the citizens of the Land.

Travel between the Land of Exposition and the Outside World has been frantic yet organized. Those seeking asylum within the Land (and residence at the Character Development Inn) underwent precise screening, and with few exceptions, were granted entry. A treaty (of sorts) with the denizens from the Real Life Brigade materialized faster than expected, with minimal concessions, though autonomy within a defined area within the Land was granted begrudgingly.

Harmony is a fragile thing to broker (especially with those who are tone deaf).

The air quality within the Land has improved, though faint aromas of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch linger every now and then. The Character Development Inn introduced an eclectic menu of fusion cuisine, with its aroma permeating the dining area and kitchen. With the growing population within the land, the Character Development expanded height and width wise, with each added wing designed to economically (and comfortably) house as many as possible, at little to no cost to the established residents.

Inspirational ideas continue to pour in, as more different perspectives and genres collaborate and debate over narrative arcs, character development and such. The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) still has occasional glitches (and habitual giggle fits) yet still provides (somewhat) an objective counterpoint to the more absurd flights of fancy and/or delusions of grandeur, though heightened melodrama keeps the Meter on its toes (so to speak). The Library of Inspiration grows at an exponential rate, with much cross-genre plots plotted and pondered. The Vault of Archives has moved to the Cloud, and the WiFi signal secured with the best security software firmly in place.

The quasi-rambling musings continue as plots are pondered and ponders are plotted. Characters remain in quasi-hibernation, their true form still under review, and their motivations lurk in that murky fog of uncertainty.

Time will prove to be the deciding factor upon which everything rests.


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