Year End Pondering

It’s New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day in some parts of the world), so it’s time for the customary year end assessment of the state of things in the Land of Exposition and general musings about Real World Events, with the equally customary list of hopes and aspirations for the new year. Thus far 2016 has been a relatively lackluster year – an extraordinary number of high profile deaths (many of whom I admired since as far I can remember), an American election year that was not like any other (and hopefully will never happen again), and many other not-so great events that could give the impression that the End of the World is near. There were positive moments in the Real World as well – history making moments and such, but this entry (and this blog for that matter) is not about things in the Real World (though there are times when Real Life is truly stranger than fiction).


Onward back to the Literary World and to the Land of Exposition.

Things on the writing front have stalled (per usual) for most of the year, though the plotting and pondering, (and the blogs about the aforementioned plotting and pondering) has continued at a consistent rate. While the actual!writing about the MASC Chronicles and other works in progress has moved baby steps from this time last year (though the little that had been actually!written had been edited and plot points and character dialogue has tightened a smidgen), the hope for more forward momentum is still there (somewhere). Character development and (alternate?) universe building has expanded every which way, much to the chagrin of the pesky Real Life Brigade and their endless shenanigans and land minds buried in random locations within the Land of Exposition.

With regards to the character development, a copious amount of research has gone into refining exposition, relationships with other characters and (a fair amount of) time spent on Pinterest and various quiz sites to (respectively) assess the overall look and general disposition of the cast of characters. After all, being able to visualize how the characters will (most likely) look like and their basic personality will be of great help when placing them into the situations they find themselves and how they may (or may not) react to the world around them. Outlining their backstory and family history will shape how they see the world and the people within their spheres.

The details are still fuzzy, but the overall narrative structure remains (fairly) sturdy.

Of course, it’s New Year’s Eve (about three hours left for 2016 as I type this), resolutions and such need declaring and stuff – though really, no one really makes good on the resolutions made on New Year’s Eve (or at least not many that I know), so perhaps no resolutions this time ’round.

Just more plotting, pondering and eventual actual!writing.

You know, the same old tune, maybe with different lyrics and in a different key.

Here’s hoping 2017 will be better than 2016.

Happy New Year!


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