Fixing the Narrative Structure

Change is in the air.

Even though it’s technically not winter yet, snow has fallen and accumulated in its slushy glory, leaving hidden ice patches in its wake. The temperature has fallen and the roads are treacherous – all the more reason to stay indoors, whip up some cafe mocha, and return to the Plotting and Pondering Zone. Much of the plotting has been outlined, and the pondering has been considered, so the next steps are to finalize the sequence of events and actually!write.

As the title of this entry indicates, the task for this chilly day has been to figure out the narrative structure (and to fix the sequence of events). The order in which events happen, or at least the manner in which they are related, is important in the overall telling of the story; what the reader knows and what the characters know, and at which point certain revelations are revealed is equally important. The reader can be privy to events “unseen” by the characters or the characters may have foreknowledge of events not yet discussed in the narrative. This withholding of information (as it were) builds suspense, heightens expectations and creates the potential for speculation, all of which gives the reader a vested interest in the goings on in the story.

It also gives the author the opportunity to write interwoven, stories supplemental to the main narrative (perhaps from different perspectives) – not to mention potential prequels, sequels and / or alternate universe (AU) fan fiction.

I’m already thinking of the possible off shoots of the main narrative even before I finish writing the main narrative – that’s how jam packed and caffeine wired that writer’s cave that is my brain is. The (Steampunk) cogs are always moving.

Another task I’ve returned to undertaking is tightening and (re)shuffling character exposition – the cast of characters (or at least the main ones) are still in place, but a bit of backstory swapping has happened. Whether or not that will remain as such is anyone’s guess.

(My guess it’ll return to the way it was, only to change at least twelve more times)


I do have a fair assessment of the situation at hand for Series One, Book One of the MASC Chronicles – how it begins and (roughly) how it ends. It’s the middle part and its pacing that needs some work.

The Game of Genres amid the Land of Exposition continues (kinda) – the Real Life Brigade have gone underground (literally and figuratively), off to plot and ponder their own plots and ponder the plausibility of those plots.

Alliteration never takes a vacation, thought it comes and goes as it pleases.

The Muses have taken out their flannel and fuzzy slippers in preparation of potentially being of any use in the next phase of this writing process.

Haven’t seen Rogue One yet, though I’ve listened to its score; even though it’s not written by the Maestro (John Williams), there are references to the iconic themes from the Star Wars universe that it feels as if we’re in that galaxy far, far away.

Off to plot, ponder and potentially write about the universe buried in a parallel timeline where things are odd yet no one thinks it’s strange.


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