Scoring A Saga

Inspiration comes in many forms, and music is one that casts a large shadow among them.

As briefly mentioned in last week’s entry, music plays a vital component during the writing process. Music is the muse that helps in the process, providing the atmosphere in which to plot, ponder, and actually!write the narrative and character arcs. While I’m sure there are some writers who prefer complete silence whilst in their creative space, I’m equally sure there are writers who create unique playlists for specific works in progress. It’s a way to “shut off” the Real World and dive into the fictional universe, if only for a short period of time, creating a world that (may or may not) be better / worse / different than our own. To that effect, among my iTunes playlists is one aptly named “Music for the Muses”, comprised mostly of instrumental music – classical pieces, film and TV series scores. While most of the music in this playlist are associated with a specific series (among the pieces in this playlist are selections from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who), its music provides a springboard from which my works in process can launch.

The inspiration for this (mini) segue (back) to influences in the writing process stems from the pantsing element in the writing of these entries, also mentioned in the previous entry. As the antics of the Real Life Brigade have (once again) been contained (if only for a short span of time), focus can return to the MASC Chronicles (or at least Series One of that three-part series saga). Its foundation is somewhat set, the characters somewhat developed (a bit of exposition swapping ensued) and the sequence of events (and perspective) of the (minuscule) narrative actually!written for Series One, Book One have been tweaked.

Of course, most of this has happened in the head and not actually written down / typed out, but the Mind (mostly) remembers, and things need to be sorted out in there before it travels down to my fingertips. It’s how my fictional process works, which might explain the lack of actual forward momentum in the overall journey, but there’s some hope left in the settling of the narrative and characters, and eventually all will be sorted and written.

Most of the skeletal outline for most of the novels in each of the three series is there – the overarching narrative arc and the character relationships are sketched out.

It’s all about filling in the details at this point.

It’s time to find the harmony and counterpoint to the base melody.


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