Finding Focus

Farewell to November (and to the non-participation in NaNoWriMo), and a hearty (albeit chilly) welcome to December (and to the reflective reminiscences of the past eleven months – I’ll get to those later). An autumn / winter weather hybrid has descended upon the Land of Exposition, with the fallen leaves scattered across the landscape, and perpetual fog lingering across the horizon. Hibernation mode has not quite been activated yet, though fleece has made a comeback  return to the Character Development Inn, the spry chimney sweeps have done their duty (with perfect coordination), and the pantry is stocked with comfort foodstuffs (and plenty of coffee).

Time to regroup, refocus and reflect.

Real Life (and its wily Brigade) has had its grip on the goings-on in the Land of Exposition, and the Metaphor Realm – the Muses and Plot Bunnies attempting to keep order and clean up the messes made in the wake of the distractions and digressions caused by their shenanigans. Things coming out of both left and  right (though rarely ever from center) field lead to a whole lot of improvisation and renewed pondering of the ponders already pondered for the oft-mentioned yet rarely elaborated MASC Chronicles.

For those who have diligently followed (and actually) read all (or even some) of the entries over the past few years, this may seem like deja vu  (all over again), and in a way it is (kinda, sorta, maybe). I expound on ideas, ponder the plots and ramble on about quasi-random musings about the works-in-progress, with little (if any) forward momentum. Characters are developed, narratives are structured, and yet not-so-much actual!writing actually gets written (at least written outside the brain space). As past experience has shown me, as far as writing fiction goes, I’m forever a Plotter, whereas in writing blog entries, I have no issue with pantsing them – most everything written here thus far (aside from the handful of writing prompt pieces, which I should get around to either editing or using as a source to incorporate into the aforementioned works-in-progress) is written in real time, with little (to no) forethought.

It’s odd that I can plot and pants for different writing scenarios, yet the pantsing and plotting rarely cross pollinate. Then again, constructing a fictional narrative takes time and nuance to plant the plot twists in the right place so they have maximum impact for the characters and for the readers. On the other hand, the blog entries are (for the most part) quasi-non-fiction in that they’re thoughts I think at the time of writing and written as they are formed, and therefore don’t necessarily require a formal structure that writing a linear narrative would require.

This, as “The Greatest Story Never Told” plays on my iTunes – there are times when my “Music for the Muses” playlist eerily syncs with whatever I’m expounding on this blog…

Music plays a significant role in the writing process, a topic to which I will (no doubt) devote a future entry. But for now, the plots will be plotted, the sequence of events will be sequenced, and the characters will be developed (with tweaks here and there).

Oh, and cliffhangers will be considered, if only to create levels of excitement, and spark debate on what might happen next.

Like those Final Four Words in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – fine storytelling with its full circle (of life) resolution which leaves with more questions than answers.





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