NaNoWriMo (2016) Update #4

Perhaps this will be my last year attempting the challenge that is NaNoWriMo, but for some reason, I have a feeling I might (attempt to) undertake this feat again next year.

After all, next year might be the year I could hit at least the halfway mark, or at most the 10,000 word mark; the total word count in the five years I’ve participated (thus far) stands at 18,150 words. Conversely, this blog has existed for about three years, and the word count (thus far) stands at 110,707 words (obviously not counting this entry).

Then again, those unedited 18,150 words were written within a (roughly) 14 week period, and the unedited 110,707 words within this blog were written within 188 week period so it’s not quite fair to compare the two.

It’s akin to comparing apples to kumquats.

The NaNoWriMo writings were pure fiction, whereas the musings from this blog were mainly quasi-rambling streams of thought, with the recent entries tinged with politics (though I’ve never been actively political in these entries, tending to stick with the geeky / dorky /nerdy fandom commentary).

Some of the NaNoWriMo offerings were attempts to actually!write the stories that will eventually (inevitably?) end up somewhere in the MASC Chronicles Universe, while others were attempts at pantsing an original story, the latter usually finding its way into the former.

I’m not quite sure how that happens, but it does. Even when pantsing, the plotting reigns supreme.

The antics of the Real World and from the Real Life Brigade have (per usual) seized attention away from the true purpose of the Land of Exposition, with its land minds and other ploys at distractions, diversions and deviations (oh my!) to derail the momentum.


I’m sure it’s sounding like a broken record (if anyone out there remembers what records were and what an actual broken record sounds like) but procrastination does seem to go hand in hand with plotting and pondering. Structure and order (and a quasi-decent road map) are required in world building and character development and narrative arcs and all that jazz.

The Game of Genres for the MASC Chronicles has tipped toward a hybrid of Science Fiction / Fantasy mixed with the Mystery foundation; the narration is (still) in first person, though the narrator for Series One has oscillated between the main two characters. Influences and inspiration from the Real World will continue to impact recurring themes and character relationships, as well as (probably) comment on what could be in the near future.

It’s all still in a dry-ice fog of Uncertainty, as the  concrete is still damp, with falling leaves leaving minute imprints creating a mosaic pattern which will end up looking like… something completely different.


The Future is (still) unknown and the fictional world is still a work in progress.


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