NaNoWriMo (2016) Update #3

So it’s Week Three of the (quasi-non) adventure that is NaNoWriMo, and not much forward momentum in the actual!writing has actually!happened.

Clearly, November is (still) not a good month for me, writing-wise.

The plotting and pondering marches on, albeit in a haphazard fashion, through the reactionary goings-on in the Real World and the covert shenanigans from the Real Life Brigade. As the days turn colder, and grow shorter, it seems things will get worse (quickly) before they can get better (I’m still optimistic that things will get better… eventually).

Winter is coming – though Game of Thrones and (presumably) The Winds of Winter will return next year.


The Mind Writer remains in the mind, as the Muses wander about and the Plot Bunnies plot the Steampunk / fantasy / alternate future world of the MASC Chronicles, the often mentioned yet rarely elaborated epic series saga that will (eventually) be my magnum opus. The (not quite) “straight from the headlines” plot idea vaguely hinted in last week’s entry is bubbling out there (in the dark) and may or may not be incorporated into the elaborate fabric that is the MASC Chronicles universe.

Meanwhile, things in the Land of Exposition have been buzzing with activity, though it’s mostly containing the aftermath of the aforementioned shenanigans, raking up all the fallen leaves and collecting acorns.


Why not?

These are uncertain times we now live in, with protests and heated words thrown about in the sphere of social media, which is all the more reason why the Arts (in all its forms) is vital. If only (most of) the worlds writers can create with their imaginations can be brought to fruition in the Real World, ones where equality is guaranteed for all, conflicts can be resolved before resorting to abuse (physical, emotional and / or verbal) and where differences can be tolerated (to a certain degree).

Then again, some fictional worlds should remain fictional, lest they become our new Reality.

Off to plot and ponder, whilst stepping off the mini soap box.


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