Epiphanies Grand and Quasi

During the course of the writing process (including the Blogging Era) pondering and plotting has led to epiphanies of varying degrees. Some were interesting notions that led to plot twists, while others were of such epic quality that its very existence changed the foundation of the narrative arc. A smattering of the former appeared, disappeared and reappeared (albeit with minor differences) over the years, while the presence of the latter was rare yet monumental. Each successive Grand Epiphany adds to the overall status of the various works in progress, most of which have been for the MASC Chronicles (one expanded the series from a Simple three book trilogy to an Epic three part series saga), though some of the epiphanies have led to the creation of (or at least the possibility for) another story series, the most recent being Tales from the Land of Exposition, the quasi-meta series which may or may not include snippets from this blog; though from a certain point of view, these blog entries could possibly turn into a collection of essays written in real time – a kind of live journal, though I never actually used LiveJournal itself; I don’t think I was that tech savvy back in those days…

But I digress.

Ideas come in many shapes and sizes, and the inspiration from which they arrive range from the commonplace to the unexpected. For a lot of writers, brilliant story and or character ideas are dreamt up (in and out of one’s philosophy) in quasi-inconvenient places (in the shower, on a crowded subway, or in those fleeting moments before REM sleep kicks in) where they live in the limbo of the mind before they are written (either by pen or via computer) for limited posterity, filed away to be expanded upon or referenced at a future date. Inspiration can also derive from external sources – friends, entertainment media, or real world events; insertions of such ideas can potentially change the narrative arc or character traits, opening the door to infinite possibilities (hopefully ones that have not already been done).

Plotting, pondering and planning for such circumstances, and incorporating them (wherever plausible) is a feat worth undertaking – though there does come that time where the plotting, pondering and planning gives way to actual!writing.

That time will come.

But not quite yet.

Character and world building (along with its history and consequences) takes precedence, though a multitude of scenes and conversations among the (ever expanding) cast of characters have been mind-written, from almost every perspective and with various sequences of events, all with the objective (if that’s the right word) of figuring out the narrative structure that makes the most semblance of sense (so that the plot twists are unexpected and mind imploding).

There’s work to be done, and magic to do (just for you) though no actual magic will be included…

So far.

Time will tell.

It always does.


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