Re-Examining Relationships

Relationships are still important.

The complexities of those relationships, regardless of how they are formed – through family, friends, co-workers, lovers, and even enemies (real or perceived) are the basis of how one behaves and how one perceives the life, universe, everything (to gently paraphrasing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). In conjunction with creating characters and their backstory, the relationships the characters have with other characters, and its impact on their perspective of their situation. It can also place a filter through which they justify their actions for the duration of the narrative.

After all, the villain is the hero of their own story.

(I have no idea who first wrote or said this, or if it’s just one of those concepts that has just existed since the Dawn of Time).

It’s a matter of perspective.


In plotting and pondering the epic series saga that is the MASC Chronicles and the characters within, the need to re-examine, refine and rearrange the relationships quasi-established in earlier drafts was evident. Some characters were shuffled about between the three series that (still) comprise the series saga, which created shifts in the narrative arc and the relationships within. As the characters are fully developed, using a character profile checklist detailing physical and personality traits, the relationships they have change (whether it’s for better or worse remains to be seen). Thus far, the pieces are moving at a glacial pace, as the resurgence of the (almost) infinite possibilities down which the narrative arc can travel brings forth multiple (plausible) options.

The tricky part is choosing which path is the “right” one – the One True Path, the Path to Rule Them All… (paraphrasing Lord of the Rings). Events and circumstances a character endures could have a significant impact (positive, negative or indifferent) on their lives, effecting everything after that point.

Of course, any path could be the “right” path, with the other options could be alternate / parallel universes from which billions (slight exaggeration) of fan fiction stories are born.

Clearly I spend far too much time pondering the possibilities of the sequence of events, but that’s most of the fun of creating stories and such. As I re-read the ponders that have been pondered and the plots that have been plotted, the overall framework of the series saga remains intact, though some characters have been shuffled about, and their (apparent) motives have shifted one way or the other.

The perpetual (dry ice) fog surrounding the MASC Chronicles remains and will do so for a while longer. Hopefully, when certain aspects are (proverbially) nailed down (or at least duct taped together) actual!details will emerge, though it’s subject to change as time goes by. Spending time in the Land of Exposition has been illuminating, especially accessing the Vault of Nearly Forgotten and Discarded Ideas.

Back to the Plotting and Pondering.

Details to follow (when that will happen remains to be seen).


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