Rebuilding Characters

With the sudden (and hopefully sustainable) resurgence of serious plotting and pondering for the MASC Chronicles, the urge to seriously review, reflect and rebuild upon the shifting quicksand that was / is / has been the foundation upon which the series saga rested. Perhaps it’s because of the changing seasons (though technically speaking, it’s still summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the weather remains hot and humid) the plot bunnies and Muses have recovered their wits (and gained interesting tan lines) to focus their attentions back to character building and plot… plotting.  Though things are not quite back to normal after the Game of Genres and the usual shenanigans from the Real Life Brigade, as the leaves begin to fall and their color turn to amber, the Land of Exposition is slowly (and surely) returning to its quasi-original state, and resumed its primary objective:

To serve as a retreat from which stories are born and where characters are nurtured to become well rounded individuals (with some archetypal aspects so readers will be able to empathize and relate to them and the situations in which they find themselves).

The momentum began during the summer months and continued, despite the surprisingly brief (though probably unfinished) skirmish that was the Game of Genres and the perpetual land minds planted by the Real Life Brigade, which caused minor chaos for the FanGirl Meter (patent pending). The aforementioned distractions gave all involved and affected (namely the plot bunnies and Muses) a chance to regroup and reassess their very existence and purpose.

So here we are, back (almost) to the beginning…

Or maybe it’s somewhere in the middle…

I know it’s not quite the end (yet)…


Four names were revealed recently from the MASC Chronicles (the details of which will remain in that hazy, dry-ice fog for now), and the (re)building of those characters and those with whom they interact is the new / old launch pad to restart / resume the art (and craft) of storytelling. As discussed (at varying lengths) throughout this blog’s journey over the years, the role of themes, archetypes and Easter Egg tributes play a critical role in my plotting, pondering and writing process. Though really, planning out the plots and charting out (sometimes literally) the path down which the narrative arc and the characters travel takes up the bulk of time allotted to the Journey.

While this might come across as excessive procrastination (and admittedly that’s true some of the time), the internal thought process never stops; while many of the ponders and plots that have been plotted and pondered never quite reach their final destination (i.e. outside the realm of the mind), their potential remains potent. The eternal quest for an idea to live on paper, online and/or on screen is a promising prospect to ponder.

(Alliteration returns again!)

There are probably billions of blog posts, articles, and such about how characters are created, how they grow (or not) and why they are the way they are. For some writers, the characters are (seemingly) autonomous, sentient entities who “dictate” to their creators what they’re all about – there are plenty of memes out there about how writer’s block happens because the story’s characters aren’t talking to them (the writer). While most take heed in this, I don’t think there’s any stock to this; characters are created from the writer’s mind, and are at the mercy (for lack of a better word) of their creator, kinda like the protagonist in the movie Stranger Than Fiction, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed.

Nevertheless, the characters I’ve created (thus far) are statistics of physical attributes and paragraphs of general exposition; many have names with impressive lineage, some may or may not be aliases, and others are just archetypes upon which a character is fashioned.

Their fate is not quite certain.

Their place in the MASC Chronicles is unknown.

Their potential is infinite.

Let the (re)building commence.


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