The Origin of Names

Last week’s entry concluded with the first (almost set in quasi-damp concrete) revelation from the MASC Chronicles, the oft-referred yet rarely-elaborated upon epic series saga around which most the pondering and plotting has revolved. The reasons for the lack of detail about the series saga is the inherent fluidity and fluctuation of the narrative structure, and the sudden Game of Genres, which stemmed from the overzealous nature of the Plot Bunnies (no doubt influenced by the sneaky land minds hidden in the Land of Exposition).

[For those new to this blog, or who didn’t read or don’t recall the goings on in the Land of Exposition, the quasi-Meta drama destined to be a stand alone series of its own, you might want to skim through the entries earlier this year, most notably, Updates from the Land of Exposition and its companion pieces, most of which were streams of utter silliness borne out of an overindulgence of caffeine in its various forms. Whether or not it makes any sense is questionable, and hopefully they’re mildly entertaining – I had fun creating them].


The previous entry left off with my (quasi) inability to remember from where the four names derived, akin to where some of the initial ideas for my stories (and its plotted out and proposed prequels, sequels, and side stories). Though I cited in a very early entry of the inspirations behind those ideas, the source almost always changes, as the things I’m into (books, musicals, TV shows, etc.) enter (and re-enter) my brain space, causing the Muses and plot bunnies to analyze, process and incorporate (sometimes) into the nebulous fabric of the narrative structure and character arc.

Oftentimes the names (of people and places) are thematic and inside references (Easter Eggs, if you will) revolving the various things of which I am a fan. The degrees of fandom range from mild interest to rabid obsession, with occasional segues into cathartic criticism. Sometimes the names are simply made up and “sound” cool and /or interesting; then there are times names are “donated” by friends, meaning that I ask friends for suggestions for names – male or female – and they offer some up to be used at some point in the saga. I keep a list (on a post-it note) of those names and strive to find a place for them; the characteristics assigned to those names are random and would not have any relation to the person from which the name derived.

Then there are times I shamelessly “borrow” names from existing works of literature (or other media) and mix and match them (so I don’t get into any legal trouble), or assign names using real people’s initials (again, there’s some significance behind the use of the initials or certain names, but that’s for me to know and you to figure out (though for those who know me in real life can pretty much figure out the rationale behind it).

Brief Update from the Land of Exposition:

The ninja plot bunny that is the Rule of Four vs. the Power of Three continues to develop, finding a warm spot in a cushioned nook within the Character Development Inn. The other plot bunnies are skeptical about this new arrival, though the Muses are appropriately amused by the audacity and alacrity of its stealthy invasion into one of the coveted spots within the Inn.

As summer winds down, and the scent of change (and all things pumpkin reclaim their relevance and popularity among the populous) is in the air. Gone (hopefully) are the heat and humidity, replaced by cooler breezes (and the inevitable impact of tropical storms and such).

Actual!writing might happen, along with the usual plotting and pondering.




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