Random Musings: Summer 2016 Edition

Summer: a time of high temperatures, when the air is thick with humidity, along with the unmistakable and omnipresent aroma of barbecue smoke and suntan lotion. It’s a time when (most) people go on vacation, and (usually) travel to far off locales to unwind, recharge and explore. Thus far, the weather has been fairly normal (though there have been a few instances of flash flooding), so things are (more or less) as they should be, and things within the Land of Exposition are almost as they were, before the Real Life Brigade shenanigans. While the NaNoWriMo experiment has been suspended until further notice, plotting and pondering, has continued, along with the retooling of the inner workings of the FanGirl Meter (patent pending). The Muses and plot bunnies have returned, though most prefer to stay in the perpetually air conditioned Character Development Inn, with all the material comforts of a five-star hotel (without the five star prices).

Thus far, the plan for the MASC Chronicles is to have Series One set in an alternate (historical) universe, and Series Three set in an alternate (future) universe, with Series Two (tentatively) set in the actual (historical) universe. Whether or not the alternate universes will be the same in Series One and Three remain to be seen – all I know is to NEVER cross the (time) streams.

I like to create complex exposition, with layers of subplots and such, but even I have limits.

Most of the time, at least.


Character exposition is still a work in progress, with slight tweaks here and there, and the customary shuffling of character arcs to other characters. The attempt to avoid cliche scenarios, in order to be “different” is challenging and fun and a fun challenge. Then there’s the endless (alternate universe) possibilities and the consequences of changing the past/future due to an action (or inaction) at a critical (quasi non-fixed) point in time.

In these tense and scary times, I remain hopeful that things can get better for all, and that change is possible – even it if takes (a lot of) time for real change to occur in the Real World.

The beauty of writing fiction is that change can be effective immediately and for the better (well, as immediate as it takes to actually!write it).

Distractions and flow charts will pop up intermittently with diversionary tactics and color coded timelines. It’s obvious that I’m much more a plotter than a pantser, so onward (and upward) I go to plot and ponder and ponder the plots.

All the while attempting to stay cool amid the heat and humidity and avoid those pesky land minds while visiting the Land of Exposition (there may be a few left camouflaged in the fields).


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