Thoughts on the Past, Present and Future

Plotting and pondering continues to chug at a glacial pace (though that glacier is moving slightly faster due to the extreme heat in the past week). Real world events prompting deep thoughts on setting Series Three of the MASC Chronicles in a possible alternate future. Granted, the original (and ongoing) conceit is that reality in which most of the MASC Chronicles exists in an alternate universe, where one historical moment doesn’t happen the way it really happened, causing a ripple effect of a different present / future.

While it’s wishful thinking to (fictionally) change history for a better present / future, there are those (pesky) Fixed Points in Time (thanks, Doctor) where certain events must always happen, regardless of efforts to stop said (usually negative) events from happening. The reason those moments in time are deemed fixed points (though who or what decides which moments are fixed and which are variable is questionable. Is there a committee? Can there be a vote…? Wait, letting the [oftentimes uninformed] populous vote on such important things may not the brightest idea…)


The (quasi-recent) Game of Genres has allowed for sub-genres to co-mingle with the One Genre to Rule Them All (aka Mystery), so Fantasy and Horror (with some input from Steampunk and Cyberpunk) have collaborated to propose the MASC Chronicles be set nine universes away (to the left) from our universe with a (brief) crossover to our universe before plunging back into that 9th universe away. The possibility of visiting another alternate past, present and / or future is tempting, though it comes close to the (main) premise of Sliders, (an American TV series from the 1990s), where the protagonists had the ability to visit (slide) to parallel universes where things were not as they truly are in an effort to return Home… Actually, thinking that over, the premise for Sliders is a kind of variation of Quantum Leap, where that protagonist found himself in alternate universes (I think) attempting to return Home.

So maybe I  can have an alternate universe hopping protagonist / antagonist messing about and/or attempting to fix history as they know it. Or maybe that’s how things got messed up in the first place (second place).

That could actually be a viable concept.

That almost makes sense.

Each of the series has ties to the others, with lineages, legacies and long-standing disputes among and amid the core cast of characters.

I may need to some more research within the Vault in the Land of Exposition, where a heat wave has stuck, leaving the plot bunnies to burrow underground, the Muses to depart for cooler climates and everyone else hunkering down in the perpetually air conditioned, well stocked Character Development Inn. Things are brewing and plots are being pondered and ponders and being plotted.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, regardless of how silly (or far fetched) it may seem.

That’s all for now (there may be actual!writing and / or actual!plot revelations in the near future).



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