Wait for it…

Plotting and pondering (and the meticulous research and flow charts that inevitably go with it) is a time consuming process that can go on and on and on and on, and frankly has gone on and on, my friends.. Some people started…


*Squishes the ear worm*



As I was saying/typing, crafting a story, or in my case, a sprawling, quasi-Game of Thrones like epic saga (albeit light on the sex and violence), is a monumental task. Keeping track of the narrative arcs, character interactions and the possibilities of crossovers is a story in and of itself (and will most likely happen for the MASC Chronicles and the other works in progress.) I may be repeating myself (and odds are, I am) but there does seem to be dips in forward momentum in the summer months, now that the whole Camp NaNoWriMo thing has been abandoned (again, no surprise, writing with specific time constraints outside of writing term papers is a lost art for me).

While not much has happened, a lot (well, some) things have happened, writing-wise; albeit not actual!writing, but some actual!plotting and actual!pondering. Patience is a virtue, so they say, and as the wait for popular TV series (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Sherlock to name but a few) to continue, the fan theories (and fan fiction) begins. While the main plot line for my epic saga(s) hasn’t been set in stone yet, the urge to speculate on AU (alternate universe) is strong.

As summer returns to the Land of Exposition, and the more troublesome members of the Real Life Brigade have taken a holiday from creating shenanigans within the Land of Exposition to cause shenanigans elsewhere, the general populace (and visitors) have returned to enjoy the spectacular vistas, excellent cuisine, and the sometimes odd conversations and camaraderie from like-minded folks.

Pokemon Go does not exist in the Land of Exposition – there are no Pokemon (rare or otherwise) to be found amid the lush greenery and babbling brooks. There are scores of Muses, plot bunnies (and the occasional plot ninjas) out and about – please do not attempt to “catch” them – they’ll poke your profusely or bop you over on the head.

And that’s not a pretty sight.

But I digress.

Restructuring the quasi-formed structure that is the MASC Chronicles, and adding a hint of fantasy-themes and that extra thick layer of alternate history is underway. While history as we know it will take a left turn at one critical point, there are some events that are fixed points in time (or rather, inevitable events that would occur in any and all timelines and universes). They might happen sooner (or earlier) in the timeline, but they will happen, though maybe not in the manner in which they actually!happened.

Yes, everything is still very vague and will most likely remain as such, until most (or all) of the pieces are quasi-set in stone.

Not quite sure if there are any followers who have kept track of the comings and goings of the plotting and pondering, but it should be worth the wait.

I just hope the TV/film adaptation will be done properly.

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