Alternate Universes, Alternate History

Among the merits of creating stories is the ability to have the option to create worlds (and words) different from the reality in which one is currently living.  Perhaps a kind of utopia where things can be the way it should/could be, a divergence from real world events, a world where aliens, supernatural beings and/or mythical creatures exist alongside “normal” humans, or a mix of all of the above. It’s a marvelous thing to have the ability to imagine and to create such worlds, characters and situations where anything and everything can happen, regardless of its plausibility.

After all, the reality in which we live in now (for the most part) isn’t all that great, and frankly, it’s quite frightful to contemplate how the present future will unfold given how world events are going.

It’s also quite apparent that no one is learning from the past, as history keeps repeating itself, and it seems no one wants to take that first step to fix the problem (or in some cases acknowledge that there is a problem). The purpose of this entry is not to launch into a sociopolitical rant about the state of things in this world (so many others have already via other social media platforms) but to highlight the possibilities available through storytelling to bring forth some kind of change (or at least a different perspective).

In the midst of reading about world events unfolding in 2016, the notion of creating an alternate universe with its own alternate history for the MASC Chronicles has made a comeback return. The idea of being able to create an alternate world in which to inhabit (at least in a fictional sense) is one way to escape the trials and tribulations of Real Life (and the pesky Real Life Brigade being all passive aggressive in the Land of Exposition – the Muses are not amused, though the plot bunnies are habitually amused, but they amuse easily.)


The plotting and pondering, as well as the potential research into how the Left Turn in real world history could/should/would play out is underway, albeit within the confines of the mind. Steampunk is an option from which to use as a basis for Series One of the MASC Chronicles, but it almost seems as if that’s already been done (and probably done better). Instead, the starting point from which real history will diverge will most likely be earlier and hopefully will be a divergence that hasn’t been done before. Whether or not the alternate history will continue through to Series Two and/or Series Three is questionable yet not improbable.

Then again, the possibility of an alternate universe/history of an alternate universe/history is tempting – and mind boggling to say the least.

And all the more fun to attempt.


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