Game of Genres (Part 3)

The plotting and pondering ponders and plots on – the pieces are falling into place (kinda) as the Grand Mashup shakes up the battle ground / playing field of the (meta) Game of Genres (as the track “The Wars to Come” from the Game of Thrones Season 5 score plays as I write). The proposal of a compromise between the feuding Genres to co-exist is a welcome relief for all, though the logistics of coordinating the peace is the tricky part.

And the quasi “fun” part, as it’s become quite evident to those following my quasi-random musings and meta ruminations during this (rather) long journey through the Land of Exposition that I have a penchant of complicating things when it comes to the art/craft of  storytelling. After all, the epic saga that is the MASC Chronicles began its life as a short story and grew to a 3 part, 36 book series, all of which is (still) in various stages of development.In the end it’ll all make sense, and will hopefully be one that will be worth all my plotting, pondering and quasi-random (often meta) musings.

The Land of Exposition is in a state of quasi-normalcy, with the Real Life Brigade making (somewhat reasonable) demands that keep the staff at the Character Development Inn working past normal hours, expecting their needs to be satisfied over all others. Other than their propensity for persnickety petulance (alliteration has returned!), they have been keeping to themselves (though the veiled threat of undiscovered land minds is omnipresent).

Anyway, I’ve quasi-caught up with watching the Game of Thrones episodes I missed (though the Tony Awards were AMAZING – fantastic musical numbers, heartfelt speeches, and an absolutely brilliant host – I hope James Corden is a regular host for the Tonys (and YAY Hamlet  Hamilton!). The narrative arc of Season 6 thus far is shaping up well, with loose ends being picked up and address (well, except Gendry – is he still rowing? Where is he? Rickon finally reappeared, albeit for a few minutes, though now a hostage of Ramsey Bolton). I do hope the remainder of the series as a whole) is the Return/Revenge of House Stark. Once again, I’ll miss seeing the next episode “The Battle of the Bastards” as it airs due to another great clash of titans (i.e. Game 7 of the NBA finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors), As the only cable-equipped TV will be preoccupied, I will be watching Series 3 of Endeavour (on PBS) instead, which aired in the UK  months ago, a (welcome) return to my Mystery! roots.

But I digress.

Clearly, I should be actually!writing instead of blathering on about TV shows, but then again, scripted dramas are a kind of storytelling, with its twists and turns. The “problem” is that I’m much more of a plotter than a pantser so a whole lot of strategy and use of flow charts and such needs to take place before any actual!writing actually!happens.

The journey has been long, and I like to know (relatively) where I (and the narrative arc) is headed.

It should all make sense in the end.

And it should be a good ending (or beginning, depending on one’s perspective.)

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.



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