Game of Genres (Part 2)

The (internal) plotting and pondering continues, with some quasi-coherent ideas, as the Game of Genres (copyright pending?) rages on (albeit in a quirky, not-so-violent manner). I missed watching last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, as the sole TV hooked up with cable was being used to watch Game Two of the NBA finals; I was watching the Drama Desk Awards live via Theatermania anyway, so I would have missed watching the episode anyway. I won’t be watching the next episode either, as the Tony Awards are on, and for the first time in recent memory, there won’t be an NBA finals game on that night (so there’s a chance this year’s Tonys can have a high viewership, especially with Hamilton as the odds on favorite to win a slew of awards). While the fantasy/science fiction nerd in me is strong, the (musical) theater geek is stronger (and takes precedence whenever a conflict arises). I’ve been a fangirl of live theater far longer than I’ve been a fan of (most) science fiction/fantasy series (though Star Wars has been an influence and love before I discovered musicals and live theater).

But I digress.


Normalcy is slowly returning to the Land of Exposition, as the figurative (and literal) chessboard within its landscape reveals its relevance to the narrative arc and character development of the MASC Chronicles and Other Works-In-Progress. The troops of plot bunnies, plot ninjas and Muses have declared their allegiances (at least for the time being) and the plotting of strategies has begun. Wizards, vampires, detectives and other genre-specific beings are descending to the Land of Exposition (and filling the rooms of the Character Development Inn, so business is at picking up, despite the sometimes “odd” requests from its patrons). The urge to meld all these (seemingly) unrelated elements together into a cross-genre, mind-imploding Epic Saga is tempting (and would avoid the impending emotional drama of a civil war), it might be too overwhelming a concept.

Then again, it’d be Something (Completely?) Different (I think).

The trend to reboot, revamp older stories is prevalent, and it seems original story ideas are scarce these days (or rather, no one is willing to “bet on” something unfamiliar to the general public, which is why there are so many movies that are sequels, prequels and/or remakes (usually with younger, prettier people) or (near) carbon copies of trends (TV shows with lawyers, doctors, vampires, zombies, “reality” TV, etc.) Some succeed more than others, while new(ish) ideas are not often seen on mainstream (American) media.

Mild disclaimer: this quasi-mini-rant is my impressions/opinions on the trends in the USA – I think Game of Thrones is the only current American TV show I follow, as most of the TV shows I watch are mainly British ones. Not too surprising, as I’m a Anglophile at heart, I get annoyed at all the American remakes of British shows – mostly because the opposite doesn’t happen as much (at least to my knowledge), as American TV shows air (as is) in the UK. The British versions are usually better than the American attempts, and most UK series (usually) have fewer episodes within a series/season than their American counterparts, I value quality over quantity, so long as the writing is top notch.


A mash-up of ideas and crossover story arcs are popular now, especially with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), so perhaps a literary version is not so far fetched.

This notion changes the Game of Genres as it stands now (hopefully for the better).

This could be a new thing.

*off to plot and ponder this somewhat new plot twist*


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