Game of Genres (Part One?)

Another week of (internal) plotting and pondering has led to a quasi-epic battle royal which will determine which genre gets to sit in the Iron Throne prevail as the main genre of the (elusive and intriguing) MASC Chronicles.

Clearly, Game of Thrones (and its source material, the A Song of Ice and Fire novel series) have branded its mark in the plotting and plotting progress process and become an influence for the narrative structure and character development, though there will not be any of the gratuitous violence or sexual themes in my stories. Well, there may be a little of the former, but none of the latter (at least for now) – after all, the prevailing genre thus far is Mystery, and most mysteries include murder, so there will be a degree of death and destruction at some point in the saga.


The plotting and pondering within the shaky surroundings of the Land of Exposition, still reeling from the latest (covert) skirmish from the Real Life Brigade, has been enlightening. The implosions from the second wave of (previously hidden) land minds  revealed a giant chessboard upon which the pieces began to converge. Or rather, the plot bunnies and Muses began to ally / rally toward a Genre Leader, as the land minds created a rip in the fabric of the space / time continuum and allowing these Quasi-Random Ideas to cross from Their World into Our World.

I miss Doctor Who (as I listen to the specially created iTunes playlist containing music from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Poirot, Inspector Morse, etc., aptly named “A Game of Detectives and the Doctor”, the mind wanders.)

As (briefly) mentioned in the last blog entry (and probably mentioned in passing in other entries), the other genres from which the tales within the MASC Chronicles can inhabit include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and Steampunk (though Steampunk could be considered a hybrid genre, as it’s a mix of Alternate History and Science Fiction). Romance was eliminated (ironically?) Red Wedding-style, though fleeting  supporters of the genre have downplayed their Fearless Leader’s mantra and settled for subtlety. Mystery remains the ruling Genre, though its hold is somewhat tenuous with the infiltration of the other genres, fighting a (figurative) battle on several fronts, making backroom deals and shaky alliances.

The (fictional?) characters within these tales are ensconced in the (quasi-merry) War; while some have broken out of the limbo of uncertainty and declared fealty to a genre (or several), other character teeter on the knife’s edge of actual existence, oftentimes feeling displaced and disoriented. The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) has gone haywire from the overload of possibilities, and in need of an Upgrade. Then there’s the internal skirmishes within each genre of which facet of that genre should state its case for the Final Decider (i.e. the Writer… which is me, or at least I think it’s me – after a while I’m not sure if I’m the actual creator or just another character in the Epic Story that is Life).

But I digress (sorta).

All this meta talk of plotting and pondering has led to a cascade of ideas, some of which make sense, while others feel the need to speak their minds before disappearing into the night. The urge to unite (if tenuously) all my works in progress is still an option, along with the “behind the scenes” tales of the creation of the Epic Saga, of which this very blog (or the majority of its entries) is a critical component.

Or I could just be making all this up as I go along – the Roads within the Land of Exposition are broken, and the paths meander quasi-aimlessly to parts unknown.

But that’s another tale for another day.



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