Plot Twist! Revisited

Plot twists appear out of nowhere, and can (and often does) strike at any time, potentially spoiling any progress (however meager and nebulous) already made. Left turns (always turn left!) are unexpected, but sometimes are necessary in the journey of writing an epic saga. Plotting and pondering lead to interesting plot bunnies/ninjas who bring plot twists of their own, perpetuating the notion that stories and storytelling is a constant work in progress, ever-changing and never-ending.

Not that any of the tales within the epic saga that is the MASC Chronicles has been set in stone (or for that matter, written on paper/typed into a Word document).  Much of it has been theoretical, abstract, and mostly mental – ideas born from a random remark,  a passing phrase or quirky question.

(Alliteration returns, once again!)


While not much actual!writing has happened (although copious plotting and pondering has commenced), the relatively mild weather (and curious stability) within the Land of Exposition has led to another quasi-epic plot twist that has ramifications on the overall structure of the MASC Chronicles and for the characters within. The logistics of plotting out the plausibility of this new(ish) twist will be monumental in scope and (just) might serve as a means of tying all (or at least most) of my works in progress together.

It’s a daunting task, one that might not even come to pass, or might get shuffled back into the (mythical) Vault – nevertheless, it’s a notion that just might work, whether or not it makes any sense remains to be seen.

Enough blogging – off to plot and to ponder.

And to plan.

Plan for what?



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