Reviewing the Situation (again)

So the (metaphorical) shoe has dropped in the Land of Exposition – an unexpected hurricane of quasi-epic proportions, leaving (almost) everything in a state of disarray, disorientation and disbelief.

The recent bout of instability and uncertainty stemming from the influence/presence of the Real Life Brigade has led to another prolonged session of contemplation, plotting and pondering what will happen next and how to restore things back to normal (or as close to normal). It might seem as if the perpetual cycle of plotting and pondering is a product of procrastination (and acute alliteration) – I will admit sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not; the overabundance of plot ideas, character studies and narrative arcs is overly overwhelming (and that’s only taking into consideration the sprawling epic saga that is the MASC Chronicles, which remains a vague fog of mystery for various reasons). The skirmishes from the Real Life Brigade, and dealing with the fallout has its toll on the morale of the Plot Bunnies and Muses and diverts their attention and ability to focus on the task at hand.

Then again, transcribing the Reports from the Land of Exposition and extracting the quasi-rambling musings counts as a kind of storytelling (even though they aren’t exactly the stories I formulated all those years ago) and maybe in a way I’m writing a quasi-cohesive narrative in real time). After all, the objective of this blog is to chronicle the journey of writing the Story, and thus far, I’ve adhered to the self-imposed task of writing something on a weekly basis, even if it’s quasi-rambling musings written with a host of (near) run-on sentences and geeky pop culture references. I know I’ve mention this numerous times in other entries – it still remains a [hollow?] point of pride that I’ve rambled on (and rarely edited) what has been written within this blog every week, usually written within an hour (or so).

Containing the chaos and confusion created by the Real Life Brigade is (almost) a full time job for the Muses and Plot Bunnies, leaving little time (if any) to concentrate and contemplate the existing narrative and notes contained the Mainframe Database and the Vault

Eventually actual!writing, plotting and pondering about the MASC Chronicles and the other (non-meta) works in progress will make a triumphant comeback return.

Updates on the State of the Land of Exposition

  • The aroma of bacon still lingers in the air, while the smell of maple syrup has vanished completely. Bouts of confusion ensue; nothing makes sense anymore.
  • The remaining relatively sane plot bunnies have issued color coded messages to the wayward Muses asking for help. The conga-infected plot bunnies have been quarantined to a sound proof room.
  • The Real Life Brigade delegates remain hidden in their Ivory-colored tower, reveling in their handiwork and contemplating their next nefarious notion of nonsense.

It seems bursts of alliteration are a symptom of the singular sensation of the simple yet sinister situation within the Land of Exposition.

That’s about all for now.

Onward and… something.


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