Further Updates from the Land of Exposition

Taken from the Musings of Plot Bunny #126;88-O.G.

Celestial Time Stamp: 525600-32297/1117.94

Weather: Dark and stormy, with a 88.6% chance of melodrama

Quasi-dark times loom upon the horizon.

Things in the Land of Exposition have imploded in a Technicolor fashion. The Real Life Brigade have lost the plot – figuratively and literally (but mostly figuratively, using alliterative metaphors that make no sense whatsoever, which is probably the point). Restless, frustrated and generally irritated at everything, they’ve crossed that invisible line of demarcation to wage a new(ish) battle for anarchy and nonsense.

The analysis of the Land Mines proved to be the ultimate red herring – the lingering aroma of maple syrup, mixed with the infusion of bacon and coffee created an aura of complacency that everything was going to be all right. Easter eggs wrapped in purple knitted scarves appeared upon all the monitors within the FanGirl Meter (patent pending), [raspberry] jamming the signals and creating havoc. The Muses attempted to contain the chaos, but the virus proved to be evasive and strangely melodic, with a conga beat. Many of the plot bunnies succumbed to the conga beat, shaking their bushy tails with alarming precision.

The choreography is hypnotic, impressive in its coordination and style.

But I digress.

Meanwhile, the scientist and philosophers on loan from the University of Universal Knowledge have admitted temporary defeat in their miscalculation with regards to the significance of the land minds. They have since retreated from the Land of Exposition, taking a few of the purple plaid land minds as a reminder of their failure (and a nifty souvenir).

The remaining uncoordinated plot bunnies have gone underground to regroup and to formulate a counteroffensive that is not overly offensive. According to the kitchen staff (who had remained fairly neutral in the initial skirmish) the Character Development Inn is nearly empty, as the plot ninja aligned with the Real Life Brigade have commandeered the space to chart their findings from their extensive analysis of data. The impact from the results of the aforementioned data is questionable, and will probably take even more time to properly process. Despite their resurgence, it seems there is still unrest amid the leaders of the Real Life Brigade, as they plot and ponder their next move.

How things will turn out in the near (and far) future remains to be seen.

Not much else can be said about the State of things, but warning signs have been placed around the borders of the Land of Exposition:

Absurd times ahead.

Nonsense lies beyond the point.

Logic will not help you here.

*end Log*


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