Working Backwards to Go Forward

Continuing with the quasi-theme of perspective and figuring out sequence of events in the oft mentioned /referenced (yet never fully described) MASC Chronicles, I’ve come to the conclusion to reverse engineer the narrative arc and attempt to write the series saga backwards, with the hopes that writing the end will help write the beginning.

Playing with the space/time continuum has always been a possibility (especially as I delved further into the Doctor Who fandom) and it’s a well known (?) fact / theory that starting at the end clarifies how the story unfolds. The MASC Chronicles was originally conceived as a sprawling epic tale spanning over several centuries following generations of several families and their interactions with one another, so plotting out how things turn out and having the characters themselves explain what happened before takes (most of) the guesswork out of the equation.

Another (quasi-recent) source of inspiration for the Epic Saga has been Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are? – genealogy programs that focus on uncovering the (usually) untold stories of a person’s ancestors and how their lives were influenced or influenced world history. I’ve always loved history and its impact on current events – I almost regret not pursuing an early ambition to become a historian / scholar, learning about the past, its impact on the present and how its lessons can prepare for the future.

The overall structure of the MASC Chronicles is set in wet concrete, with general plot lines outlined and character names / exposition written in bullet points – the details are (still) cloaked in a haze of dry ice, rolling across the stage page with great alacrity, though it’s slowly starting to make some semblance of sense.

The Tales of the Land of Exposition, quasi-absurd as it has become, is another series for which the Muses and Plot Bunnies need to focus (though the Real Life Brigade will no doubt put up a resistance and demand that their side of the story be told as well). The other stand-alone projects (which may or may not have ties to the Overall Epic Saga) will have their time in the sun (and now with Daylight Savings Time in effect, there are more daylight hours when it’s not overcast). Plotting and pondering will remain as a constant element in this journey, and bouts of actual!writing, albeit still within the head not so much (yet) on the page will commence.

Things are looking clearer, as many of the TV series I usually watch have ended (Downton Abbey), are on an extended hiatus (Doctor Who, Sherlock), have not aired in the US yet (Endeavour, Lewisor have not started yet (Game of Thrones) so the “usual” distractions are not around (though I’m still occasionally playing through the three Fire Emblem Fates games).

Update on the State of the Land of Exposition:

  • Things are quasi-normal, with its fragrant breakfast aroma and plot bunnies bouncing here and there and everywhere.
  • The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) is buzzing with anticipation of the influx of ideas
  • The Real Life Brigade has remained in its annexed area, analyzing and reviewing spreadsheets and reassessing its objectives.

Hopefully I’ll have a more concrete (and coherent) update on the State of the MASC Chronicles / Tales of the Land of Exposition sometime in the near future.



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