Different Paths, Different Outcomes

Whilst wandering about in the Land of Exposition, head full of narrative arcs and characters, the single path upon which the journey has taken splinters off in three directions:

There’s the path to the left – sunny and clear, with flowery meadows and a flock of ducks meandering about in a quasi-random manner.

There’s the path to the right – dark and foreboding, with skeletal trees and a colony of bats circling about in a haphazard manner.

There’s the path in the middle – foggy and temperate, with trimmed hedges and a nest of rabbits bouncing about in no particular order.

At some (undisclosed) point in time, the choice down which path to take will be determined, and the experiences henceforth will shape how the rest of the journey will unfold. While each path leads to a single destination, side paths will inevitably appear, leading to somewhere else – they might lead to the other paths not taken, or they might just be digressions leading back to the chosen path.

I’m fairly sure I’ve blathered about this in previous entries, but the impetus of the return to this topic (in this day and age, recycling is a good thing) is the recent release of the DLC of the third installment of the Fire Emblem Fates game, of which I’ve been quasi-fixated in playing (when I most likely should be plotting, pondering and actually!writing). As mentioned a few entries back, the latest installment in the Fire Emblem game series consists of three separate (yet related) games: Birthright, Conquest and RevelationsThe protagonist (the player) is the catalyst in a war between two rival families, and in the first two games, the protagonist has to choose on which side to align. The story unfolds accordingly depending upon which path is chosen, and as I have yet to complete the game, I don’t know how it will all end. Nevertheless, I recently started to play Revelations in anticipation of seeing how the alternate (?) narrative will play out.

Of course, I should be focused on the MASC Chronicles and the other works in progress clogging up a specific portion of my brain space – the plots and characters (established and otherwise) have lingered about the confines of the Land of Exposition, pondering over their own paths down which to travel, wondering what lies ahead. The organization of who goes where and why and how and when is still an ongoing process. The Real Life Brigade have commandeered the spotlight (once again) with its insistence of wanting attention and demanding things to go their way.

Gaining clarity and a sense of celerity are still (always) high on the list, with distractions, digressions and difficulties (oh my!) prevalent upon the horizon. The solution (to which the aforementioned game contributed) has led to jumbled thoughts on who to (re)structure the epic saga into a manageable endeavor.

Mapping it all out so that it makes some sort of sense is half the fun – I think I’ll need a flow chart to keep track of the different paths available for my (merry) band of characters.

I just hope they like where they end up.

If they don’t, there’s always fan fiction.


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