More Updates From the Land of Exposition

Extract from The Tales from the Land of Exposition – Journal of Plot Monitor #9

Celestial Time Stamp: Earlier than Expected

Weather: Congested, with bouts of intermittent nonsense

Things in the Land of Exposition are (almost) back to status quo, though random flare-ups from the Real Life Brigade pop up every now and then. The changes in the weather patterns have cause mild chaos and the aroma of caramel lingers in the air – a welcome addition, given the perpetual scent of bacon and maple syrup, a clear indication that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, along with the omnipresent aroma of coffee, which fuels the muses and plot bunnies within the Land of Exposition via osmosis. No one knows who (or how) perfected the art (craft?) of infusing the atmosphere with pure caffeine. It just happened.

Ideas float about the air like the morning mist, swirling about the foliage – a rolling fog of possibilities attempting to find the “right” path to actuality. Characters within the MASC Chronicles, both quasi-established and quasi-stuck in limbo pace the length of the hallowed halls of the Character Development Inn, wondering when they’ll be able to do the things they’re supposed to do, and where their narrative arc will lead. Plot points appear and vanish with numbing regularity – most get logged in and brought to the Vault, with the hopes of being used in the distant future.

Organization is a key component, though never quite executed properly – names change, personalities switch, and narrative arcs move from one time frame to the other (and back). The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) makes valiant attempts to find the logic in the mess, applying its semi-awesome powers to outside projects -freelance editing is a relatively new venture in honing its core functions while fine-tuning the (new) sarcasm feature.

Inspiration flurries in from unexpected places, causing the aforementioned ideas to shift accordingly in an effort to re-examine perspective and purpose. Reality and fantasy collide, with a dash of the absurd – logic seldom finds its voice amid the chatter. Dragons, wizards and vampires battle each other (and among themselves) to be heard – the Plot Bunnies have created a side business in betting on these skirmishes, which in and of itself is an amusing distraction from the actual!writing that should be happening but isn’t.

Despite the distractions and digressions, or perhaps because of them, hope lingers about – the hope that somehow, someday, something will be written down, either via keyboard or via pen and paper, and that something will be worth all the procrastination and false starts.

Time continues to march on, albeit in a perpetual wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey manner. Efforts to hone enough concentration to get to the end of that (very long) rainbow are optimistic.

At least for the time being – things have a strange way of changing (for better or for worse), which is part of the adventure/mystery that is the World of the Writer.


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