The Return to the Land of Exposition

Onward once more into the depths of the Land of Exposition, where things have returned to quasi-normal – well, quasi-normal for me, at least.

Winter is slowly (but surely) fading away and Spring is looming over the horizon, and with the change in season comes a return of plotting, pondering and plot bunnies. Well, plot bunnies are almost always multiplying with numbing regularity, and coupled with the inadvertent discovery of an errant land minds, things are about to get interesting fast.

The lingering aroma of maple syrup, bacon and a hint of vanilla permeates the air as the weary travelers stroll about, admiring the landscape and avoid the aforementioned land minds. The Muses are well rested, debating about the “real” sequence of events, and who should be the “real” hero of the story. The Real Life Brigade go about their business in their designated area, analyzing spreadsheets and processing data.

Musings about the MASC Chronicles re-emerge, with the unexpected inspiration from Fire Emblem Fates – thoughts of narrative perspectives and “solving” (maybe) the self-inflicted challenge of writing (eventually) 36 stories for the aforementioned series saga loom large. Thoughts stray to the stand alone (quasi-related) stories as well – the notion of perspective and character development (and the plausibility of tying them to the MASC Chronicles).

The journey back to the Land of Exposition has been long, with a plethora of distractions (ironically from playing the Fire Emblem Fates:  Birthright and Conquest) and brief skirmishes with the Real Life Brigade. Nevertheless, returning to the Character Development Inn has been enlightening, and the upgrades to the FanGirl Meter (patent pending) have been amusing to say the least. A flood of ideas threaten to drown the efforts at actual!writing – too many possibilities from which to choose, too many perspectives from which to tell the tale, and too many potential plot twists to use.

I’m well aware that I’ve written at length about the idea of actually!writing, the plotting and pondering process, yet hardly ever actually described anything in any detail (which again, is intentional, as the details themselves change at a dizzying rate). Then again, the purpose of this blog is to chronicle the journey, even if there is not much forward momentum. The Writing Prompt Project I started this year hasn’t been forgotten either – I hope to return to that as well – as soon as I wrangle the errant ideas and quiet all the noise in my head.

That being said, the writer’s alcove within the Character Development Inn is calling, and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing.

The attempt to plot, ponder and write begins again.



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