Counter Update from the Land of Exposition

Absconded from the Secret Library of the Real Life Brigade – author unknown – 

[Disclaimer: what you are about to read is a quasi-absurd stream of thought as a result of a quasi-overindulgence in caffeinated substances and an overactive imagination.

Any resemblance to real life people, places and/or events is purely coincidental.

Logic will not help you here.] 

Celestial Time Stamp: 31287-0126/90.210

Weather: Overcast with a touch of the surreal

The master plan to disrupt the goings on in the Land of Exposition (almost) went according to plan – the Dance of the Snowflakes worked a little too well, as the onslaught of precipitation halted the counter maneuver to retrieve the stolen plans for the land minds. The plot bunnies (shifty and swift) burrowed deep into their… burrows to elude our stealthy operatives. The Ducklings have been dispatched to wander about to find them (the operatives, that is – the Canary of Confusion seem to have led them somewhere totally different).

Not that that actually matters, as the plans they have are merely a red herring (though they’re more maroon in color and actually haddock) – the real plans are hidden within an Easter egg wrapped in a purple knitted scarf, located in place no one in their right mind (or in their left mind) would ever look.

Those in their center mind might have an idea though, if they really think about it.

Negotiations with the Literal Bugs have proved to be problematic, as they go off into wild tangents involving vampires, wizards and spaceships. So they might not be of any help, though they entertain amusing alternate realities and interesting possibilities.

Rationing has become the norm, as supplies normally rerouted from the Character Development Inn have been re-rerouted back to where they’re supposed to go – it might not be long until desperate measures will need to be taken.

There seems to be brewing conflict among the upper echelons of the High Court of the Real Life Brigade – the Blame Game and the Accountability Factor threaten to implode the objective of rebellious resistance. It’s mostly political in-fighting with a whole lot of bickering and a healthy dose of CYA double talk. A seemingly perfect storm of concurrent complications is at the heart of the matter – dropped (metaphorical) balls, a virus of complacency and communication issues resulted in a lot of scrambling, and fast thinking on (almost) all sides.

With any luck, the impending technical upgrades (and months of endless discussions and beta testing) will remedy the aforementioned situation. Promises of efficiency and automation loom large in the mindset of the Collective.

I won’t hold my breath – I’ll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, the struggle continues to find a place in this mystical, mythical land from which the denizens of the Real Life Brigade arrived, having escaped from less than ideal circumstances. If those in the Land of Exposition learned of the place from which we fled, perhaps they might understand why we are the way we are and why we’ve done the things we’ve done.

But that’s a tale for another day.

end Log.


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