Really Snowed In at the Character Development Inn

Winter is here.

Albeit (a bit) later than usual, yet it’s (a bit) early to be snowed in the realm of the Land of Exposition – it seems an annual occurrence to find myself stranded in the Character Development Inn. Then again, it’s been a quasi-mild December 2015, and fairly moderate January 2016 (well the first half of January was OK, weather-wise), so it’s not too surprising for it to be snowing (and it’s slowly shaping up to be one of the snowiest days in NYC history – mass transit was suspended at noon today – so this blizzard, amusingly named Winter Storm Jonas is kind of a big deal).

All the more reason to attempt to get some actual!writing, plotting, pondering and any other literary-related activity done. Last week’s meta update on the state of things in the Land of Exposition was a fun (albeit accidental) experiment in starting the (potential new story series) “Tales From The Land of Exposition”. The entry started out as normal and slowly (and surely) morphed into the entry it became. I’m not quite sure of the continuity, as I write about the antics and the environs within this mythical place as I go along and rarely re-read what I’ve written.

But I’ll worry about that later.

“Tales from The Land of Exposition” – that has a nice ring to it.


Writing projects and other literary endeavors have reignited (somewhat) as the antics of the Real Life Brigade have diminished to a tolerable level, though there are the odd curve balls every now and then. The reflexes of the Muses and Plot Bunnies have improved substantially over the years. Nevertheless, plotting and pondering for the various projects have jumbled together (or crisscrossed in a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey manner). That metaphorical fog has evaporated (though a few wisps still linger about, to give off that misty aura of mystery). The structure of the sequence of events within the MASC Chronicles has shifted with some of the stories possibly being alternate versions (or not) of the main narrative arc. Needless to say (maybe) a major(ish) theme is that history may not be what one thinks it is – after all, as the saying goes, “history is written by the winners” (I think that’s a direct quote from someone – I can’t remember who) Also, memory plays a role in determining what is true and what is fiction – perception and perspective matter, whether they are “right” or “wrong”.

Also, it seems I’ve acquired a flair for freelancing as a Muse for other people’s literary endeavors – I’ve always like editing and brainstorming with fellow writers, as the FanGirl Meter (patent pending) has proven to be an amusing asset and a quasi-running trope, one I should develop and actually patent – I could make millions! Maybe.

But enough of the running commentary – I should make the most of this winter weather and get back to the plotting, pondering and potential actual!writing.

Onward and onward (to where and when and with whom exactly is still yet to be determined.)


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