Updates from the Land of Exposition

Taken from the Musings of Plot Bunny #126;88-O.G.

Celestial Time Stamp: 24601- 1138/10.086

Weather: Misty, with a chance of afternoon meh.

Matters concerning the Real Life Brigade are slowly beginning to settle down – the Plot Ninja Squad and the Pigeon Posse infiltrated the Compound of the Real Life Brigade and defused (most) of the metaphoric bombs and stole absconded with their intricate plans to plant land minds across the country side.

That’s not a typo, even though it might look like one.

Land minds are a (somewhat) new offensive (in almost every sense of the word) tactic employed to create confusion and doubt for the Plot Bunnies. It’s extremely high-tech and overly elaborate, and comes in all different colors and shapes and patterns.

The purple plaid ones are the most lethal.

No one knows why.

An army of scientists and philosophers, on loan from the University of Universal Knowledge, plan on dissecting these land minds and analyzing its capabilities in hopes of developing an effective counteroffensive and/or an adequate defense.

They also plan on figuring out why they all smell like maple syrup.

The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) is back online after another system overhaul to extract the Literal Bugs from the mainframe. The Literal Bugs have been relocated to the far side of the Plotting Forest where they’ll have plenty of pine and oak on which to nosh,  and enough space to roam about. The archived files were retrieved with little damage to the integrity of the infrastructure.

The citizens of the Land of Exposition have stopped scurrying about and have calmed down (a bit), but that might have more to do with the new shipment of foodstuffs. There was a mad dash for the hickory smoked bacon and a near spillage of the cold brew coffee, but cooler heads prevailed (as most were diverted to the arrival of the chocolate fountain).

It’s (almost) business as usual at the Character Development Inn – the Muses are back from their (too long) vacation North by Northwest of the Border, though they’re all hung over from too much sushi and sake. There had been rumors of a treasure chest full of gold, but it ended up being (expired) chocolate coins.

The task of regrouping efforts to restart the narrative for the Writer is on the proverbial horizon, veering off the metaphoric road and turning left (always Turn Left!) from the wibby-wobbly, timey-wimey ball of… stuff. There still needs to be a thorough audit of the Archive and a systematic, hydromatic and ultramatic analysis of the contents of the Vault.

In conclusion, there’s a long road ahead, and things are looking up (and a bit to the left) for some actual!writing to actually!happen.


Fin Entry.


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