2016 Writing Prompt #1: Introduction

Writing Prompt #1: Introduction

New Year, New Writing Prompt Project.

The idea came about in the early this New Year’s Day to (re)attempt to write something (essay, short story, poetry etc.) using a 100 writing prompt list found on DeviantArt. Yes, I attempted this challenge in 2014 and failed utterly and miserably, though I started out quasi-well. I managed to write something using the first 11 out of the 100 writing prompts, the first five written in the first week of that January. As time went by (and distractions and other things popped up) the daily writing/posting faded.

Perhaps the guidelines I gave myself for that challenge / project were too ambitious – I thought I would have been able to write using the 100 writing prompts in the first 100 days. I thought it could have been a way to get me motivated to write something every day without (too much) plotting and pondering. I thought it should have made me a more consistent and disciplined writer.

Well that didn’t quite happen.

While my weekly blog posts remained a consistent thing – though the blog entry content has been more quasi-rambling than usual – the daily posting using the prompt list fell flat, abandoned for the remainder of that year. The “problem” of course was that I was over thinking, plotting and pondering each entry, wondering how/if it would fit within the Epic Saga that is (still) the MASC Chronicles. Some of the (unedited) writing prompts will/might/could be included somewhere in the series saga, or amid my other works-in-progress.

That was then. This is now.

[We can’t go back to then – we’ve just past it, just now. We’re looking at now now.]

With a new prompt list comes a new set of “rules”, wherein I shall make a valiant attempt to complete this list over the course of 2016, and not limit the challenge to the first 100 days. I don’t have a set schedule of when these posts will be written/posted, whether it’ll be every other day, weekly, semi-weekly, etc. – all I (quasi) know is that I intend to write and post something over the course of these 366 days (2016  being a leap year). Another “new” criteria is that this time ’round, I’ll be typing the entries directly into WordPress then copying and pasting into Microsoft Word. It seems I get more actual!writing done if I actually!write directly into WordPress (and add the tags and such) than if I write in Microsoft Word then copy/paste into the site. I’m not quite sure why I write better this way, so why question it?

Anyway, this isn’t that illuminating an introduction but it still counts as actual!writing about an introduction (of sorts), and it’s January 1st, so it’s an introduction to 2016, and the introduction to this project.

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2016 be a fruitful writing year for all.



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