Counter Update from the Land of Exposition

Absconded from the Secret Library of the Real Life Brigade – author unknown – 

[Disclaimer: what you are about to read is a quasi-absurd stream of thought as a result of a quasi-overindulgence in caffeinated substances and an overactive imagination.

Any resemblance to real life people, places and/or events is purely coincidental.

Logic will not help you here.] 

Celestial Time Stamp: 31287-0126/90.210

Weather: Overcast with a touch of the surreal

The master plan to disrupt the goings on in the Land of Exposition (almost) went according to plan – the Dance of the Snowflakes worked a little too well, as the onslaught of precipitation halted the counter maneuver to retrieve the stolen plans for the land minds. The plot bunnies (shifty and swift) burrowed deep into their… burrows to elude our stealthy operatives. The Ducklings have been dispatched to wander about to find them (the operatives, that is – the Canary of Confusion seem to have led them somewhere totally different).

Not that that actually matters, as the plans they have are merely a red herring (though they’re more maroon in color and actually haddock) – the real plans are hidden within an Easter egg wrapped in a purple knitted scarf, located in place no one in their right mind (or in their left mind) would ever look.

Those in their center mind might have an idea though, if they really think about it.

Negotiations with the Literal Bugs have proved to be problematic, as they go off into wild tangents involving vampires, wizards and spaceships. So they might not be of any help, though they entertain amusing alternate realities and interesting possibilities.

Rationing has become the norm, as supplies normally rerouted from the Character Development Inn have been re-rerouted back to where they’re supposed to go – it might not be long until desperate measures will need to be taken.

There seems to be brewing conflict among the upper echelons of the High Court of the Real Life Brigade – the Blame Game and the Accountability Factor threaten to implode the objective of rebellious resistance. It’s mostly political in-fighting with a whole lot of bickering and a healthy dose of CYA double talk. A seemingly perfect storm of concurrent complications is at the heart of the matter – dropped (metaphorical) balls, a virus of complacency and communication issues resulted in a lot of scrambling, and fast thinking on (almost) all sides.

With any luck, the impending technical upgrades (and months of endless discussions and beta testing) will remedy the aforementioned situation. Promises of efficiency and automation loom large in the mindset of the Collective.

I won’t hold my breath – I’ll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, the struggle continues to find a place in this mystical, mythical land from which the denizens of the Real Life Brigade arrived, having escaped from less than ideal circumstances. If those in the Land of Exposition learned of the place from which we fled, perhaps they might understand why we are the way we are and why we’ve done the things we’ve done.

But that’s a tale for another day.

end Log.

Really Snowed In at the Character Development Inn

Winter is here.

Albeit (a bit) later than usual, yet it’s (a bit) early to be snowed in the realm of the Land of Exposition – it seems an annual occurrence to find myself stranded in the Character Development Inn. Then again, it’s been a quasi-mild December 2015, and fairly moderate January 2016 (well the first half of January was OK, weather-wise), so it’s not too surprising for it to be snowing (and it’s slowly shaping up to be one of the snowiest days in NYC history – mass transit was suspended at noon today – so this blizzard, amusingly named Winter Storm Jonas is kind of a big deal).

All the more reason to attempt to get some actual!writing, plotting, pondering and any other literary-related activity done. Last week’s meta update on the state of things in the Land of Exposition was a fun (albeit accidental) experiment in starting the (potential new story series) “Tales From The Land of Exposition”. The entry started out as normal and slowly (and surely) morphed into the entry it became. I’m not quite sure of the continuity, as I write about the antics and the environs within this mythical place as I go along and rarely re-read what I’ve written.

But I’ll worry about that later.

“Tales from The Land of Exposition” – that has a nice ring to it.


Writing projects and other literary endeavors have reignited (somewhat) as the antics of the Real Life Brigade have diminished to a tolerable level, though there are the odd curve balls every now and then. The reflexes of the Muses and Plot Bunnies have improved substantially over the years. Nevertheless, plotting and pondering for the various projects have jumbled together (or crisscrossed in a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey manner). That metaphorical fog has evaporated (though a few wisps still linger about, to give off that misty aura of mystery). The structure of the sequence of events within the MASC Chronicles has shifted with some of the stories possibly being alternate versions (or not) of the main narrative arc. Needless to say (maybe) a major(ish) theme is that history may not be what one thinks it is – after all, as the saying goes, “history is written by the winners” (I think that’s a direct quote from someone – I can’t remember who) Also, memory plays a role in determining what is true and what is fiction – perception and perspective matter, whether they are “right” or “wrong”.

Also, it seems I’ve acquired a flair for freelancing as a Muse for other people’s literary endeavors – I’ve always like editing and brainstorming with fellow writers, as the FanGirl Meter (patent pending) has proven to be an amusing asset and a quasi-running trope, one I should develop and actually patent – I could make millions! Maybe.

But enough of the running commentary – I should make the most of this winter weather and get back to the plotting, pondering and potential actual!writing.

Onward and onward (to where and when and with whom exactly is still yet to be determined.)

Updates from the Land of Exposition

Taken from the Musings of Plot Bunny #126;88-O.G.

Celestial Time Stamp: 24601- 1138/10.086

Weather: Misty, with a chance of afternoon meh.

Matters concerning the Real Life Brigade are slowly beginning to settle down – the Plot Ninja Squad and the Pigeon Posse infiltrated the Compound of the Real Life Brigade and defused (most) of the metaphoric bombs and stole absconded with their intricate plans to plant land minds across the country side.

That’s not a typo, even though it might look like one.

Land minds are a (somewhat) new offensive (in almost every sense of the word) tactic employed to create confusion and doubt for the Plot Bunnies. It’s extremely high-tech and overly elaborate, and comes in all different colors and shapes and patterns.

The purple plaid ones are the most lethal.

No one knows why.

An army of scientists and philosophers, on loan from the University of Universal Knowledge, plan on dissecting these land minds and analyzing its capabilities in hopes of developing an effective counteroffensive and/or an adequate defense.

They also plan on figuring out why they all smell like maple syrup.

The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) is back online after another system overhaul to extract the Literal Bugs from the mainframe. The Literal Bugs have been relocated to the far side of the Plotting Forest where they’ll have plenty of pine and oak on which to nosh,  and enough space to roam about. The archived files were retrieved with little damage to the integrity of the infrastructure.

The citizens of the Land of Exposition have stopped scurrying about and have calmed down (a bit), but that might have more to do with the new shipment of foodstuffs. There was a mad dash for the hickory smoked bacon and a near spillage of the cold brew coffee, but cooler heads prevailed (as most were diverted to the arrival of the chocolate fountain).

It’s (almost) business as usual at the Character Development Inn – the Muses are back from their (too long) vacation North by Northwest of the Border, though they’re all hung over from too much sushi and sake. There had been rumors of a treasure chest full of gold, but it ended up being (expired) chocolate coins.

The task of regrouping efforts to restart the narrative for the Writer is on the proverbial horizon, veering off the metaphoric road and turning left (always Turn Left!) from the wibby-wobbly, timey-wimey ball of… stuff. There still needs to be a thorough audit of the Archive and a systematic, hydromatic and ultramatic analysis of the contents of the Vault.

In conclusion, there’s a long road ahead, and things are looking up (and a bit to the left) for some actual!writing to actually!happen.


Fin Entry.

Overwhelmed and Confused

It’s become the story of my life, real and fictional – though sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between the two (but that’s another story for another time, which will undoubtedly be a future series saga). Things have been distracting and perplexing in and out of the Land of Exposition – the influx of ideas, tangents, characters and other obligations (assigned and self-appointed) have left me overwhelmed and confused.

I write this post on the anniversary of my natal day, and per usual, it’s a time for reflection, musing and reassessment. Expectations are high, and the ability to deliver on promises made is questionable. Even as I attempt to prioritize the jumble of stories in my head, the urge to combine the tales into one ginormous series saga looms large on the horizon. Organizing the timeline, mindful of all the deviations in the sequence of events is a daunting task, a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey. I know I’m (perpetually) repeating myself when I go into these quasi-introspective musings. Perhaps I’m stuck in a time loop and have yet to find a way out and back into the ‘real world’ – now there’s an interesting story…

And there goes (yet) another plot bunny…


The art and craft of writing (fictional or otherwise) is to know where you are and where you want to go (or rather, where you want your characters want to go and where they are, and where they’ve been). I’ve had a quasi-definitive road map (as it were) of where the MASC Chronicles is going and how (relatively speaking) to get there (and back again). Most of the high level outlining is quasi-set in stone – it’s the details that’s proving to be overwhelming and confusing, which is odd, given how detail oriented I am outside the Land of Exposition.

Then again, some of the details are mapped out, yet where/when/with whom to start is always the challenge. Perspective is key and can change the entire outcome of a narrative arc – I might end up telling the same tale from two (or more) different character points of view, which may or may not increase the number of stories in this Epic Series Saga.

I’m still remaining unerringly vague about the details as I’d rather not reveal too much for fear that it might become spoilers or (worse yet) not even be included in the final draft. Then again, the first draft hasn’t (officially) been written yet so there’s room for… something.

Things in the Land of Exposition are hectic and (slightly) confusing, as metaphoric bombs from the Real Life Brigade have left the denizens of the Land of Exposition scrambling for cover and brainstorming ideas of how to manage damage control. The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) is off-line and the winds are beginning to blow as a slow moving mist rolls in from the West.

I really should extract all the references made with regards to the goings-on in the Land of Exposition. I may inadvertently be actually!writing a plausible (coherent) story.

And I should return to pondering about the next entry for the 2016 Writing Prompt Challenge.




New Year, (Not So) New Challenge

Happy New Year!

For those who have been following this blog diligently (anyone?), much of this entry will sound very familiar. 2015 was a meh year for actual!writing, though quasi-all right for blogging about the meh state of actual!writing. Plotting and pondering has maintained its (lack of) forward momentum amid the unexpected (yet welcome) arrival of the Real Life Brigade in the Land of Exposition. The FanGirl Meter (patent pending) has undergone a system overhaul, with added features and new security measures. New/old ideas were considered, character arcs moved about and extraneous subplots/sub-genres were (97.65%) eliminated from the Epic Saga.

As New Year’s Eve came (and went) the usual thoughts around resolutions and reflection came about, and for whatever reason, those thoughts strayed to attempting to conquer the 100 writing prompt project. While I made an attempt at this two years ago (and failed miserably), this year I decided to loosen up (so to speak) on the “rules” I had set for that first attempt – the initial idea was to write something using a writing prompt list I found on the DeviantArt site (found via a Google search) for the first 100 days. I was quasi-successful in the first week, then the plotting and pondering bunnies provided ample distraction as thoughts of fitting each writing prompt into the Epic Saga (still known as the MASC Chronicles) invaded and set up camp.


This year, I found a different 100 writing prompt list (single words this time ’round) and started the challenge anew. This time, expanding the time frame to all of 2016 (and luckily for me, it’s a leap year, so there’s an extra day to attempt to complete the challenge) and to write the entry directly into WordPress then copy/paste into Microsoft Word (rather than do it the other way ’round). For some strange reason, I get more actual!writing (in the form of these blog entries) when I type them into the site directly and (aside from spelling and grammatical hiccups), rarely edit what is written before hitting the “publish” button.

So here we are (once again). The first entry has been written and posted, and I’m not sure when the next entry will be written / posted. I haven’t given much thought to the scheduling of the actual!writing / posting of the next 99 entries other than they are to be done before December 31, 2016. Also not sure if they’ll be fictional pieces, essays or (even) poetry, even though I’m no poet, and I know it.

Ooh, that rhymes! (A lame one, but it still counts)

Hopefully this time’round I won’t spend too much time in the Plotting and Pondering Annex of the Land of Exposition (which will most certainly have its own series sometime in the near future, culled from all the references and entries already posted here – I’d need to re-read what has been written to fix the inconsistencies and repetitions).

It’s a new year and new/old ideas are percolating and struggling to escape the clutches of the Real Life Brigade, and the confines of the Land of Exposition to reach the printed page (or computer screen).


That’d make for an interesting tale within a tale.

Have I already mentioned that before?


There might be fan fiction entries.

Who knows what 2016 will produce (writing-wise)?

Onward and upward!

And May the Force be with Me And With you as well.

2016 Writing Prompt #1: Introduction

Writing Prompt #1: Introduction

New Year, New Writing Prompt Project.

The idea came about in the early this New Year’s Day to (re)attempt to write something (essay, short story, poetry etc.) using a 100 writing prompt list found on DeviantArt. Yes, I attempted this challenge in 2014 and failed utterly and miserably, though I started out quasi-well. I managed to write something using the first 11 out of the 100 writing prompts, the first five written in the first week of that January. As time went by (and distractions and other things popped up) the daily writing/posting faded.

Perhaps the guidelines I gave myself for that challenge / project were too ambitious – I thought I would have been able to write using the 100 writing prompts in the first 100 days. I thought it could have been a way to get me motivated to write something every day without (too much) plotting and pondering. I thought it should have made me a more consistent and disciplined writer.

Well that didn’t quite happen.

While my weekly blog posts remained a consistent thing – though the blog entry content has been more quasi-rambling than usual – the daily posting using the prompt list fell flat, abandoned for the remainder of that year. The “problem” of course was that I was over thinking, plotting and pondering each entry, wondering how/if it would fit within the Epic Saga that is (still) the MASC Chronicles. Some of the (unedited) writing prompts will/might/could be included somewhere in the series saga, or amid my other works-in-progress.

That was then. This is now.

[We can’t go back to then – we’ve just past it, just now. We’re looking at now now.]

With a new prompt list comes a new set of “rules”, wherein I shall make a valiant attempt to complete this list over the course of 2016, and not limit the challenge to the first 100 days. I don’t have a set schedule of when these posts will be written/posted, whether it’ll be every other day, weekly, semi-weekly, etc. – all I (quasi) know is that I intend to write and post something over the course of these 366 days (2016  being a leap year). Another “new” criteria is that this time ’round, I’ll be typing the entries directly into WordPress then copying and pasting into Microsoft Word. It seems I get more actual!writing done if I actually!write directly into WordPress (and add the tags and such) than if I write in Microsoft Word then copy/paste into the site. I’m not quite sure why I write better this way, so why question it?

Anyway, this isn’t that illuminating an introduction but it still counts as actual!writing about an introduction (of sorts), and it’s January 1st, so it’s an introduction to 2016, and the introduction to this project.

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2016 be a fruitful writing year for all.