Managing Expectations

Another week in which not so much actual!writing (or pondering and/or plotting) has actually!happened. The Real Life Brigade has keep things lively in the Land of Exposition, with the Muses still searching through the piles of papers for the proper forms with the necessary signatures so that the Real Life Brigade merger is rendered complete. Meanwhile, the FanGirl Meter (patent pending) has undergone another revamp, with specialized nuances to account for the various fandoms and their quirks (and to tweak the snark-o-meter).

For those following the antics of this blog, and the quasi-random musings of its perpetual non-forward momentum, the expectation of whatever narrative I actually!write is at a certain level (whether it’s high, low or meh is debatable). Well, at least it is for me – as I’ve been (quasi) living with these characters, narrative arcs and such for so long, the expectation that it’ll be any good is kinda high. For all the quasi-vague declarations I’ve made here, I should make an attempt to deliver on whatever promises I might have made. The [epic] story arc has built to a fairly high level in my head, though it’s a whirlwind of a thing – there are (literally) hundreds of possibilities down which the story can go, with plot twists and digressions galore. Deciding on which path is “canon” and which are “AU” (alternate universe) is (still) an ongoing, daunting task.

The rationale behind all of this is (of course) the high expectations I have on Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, which I will see tomorrow. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I was excited, wary and peeved about The Force Awakens, and purposely avoided (almost) all spoilers about the film. Excited because the franchise was returning, with several of the actors from the Original Trilogy, wary because Disney owned the franchise (and might decree that the next trilogy be “Disney family-friendly) and peeved because  all of the Expanded Universe [EU] stories were rendered non-canon in relation to the new film. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing the film, and keeping a (somewhat) open mind about it.


As the overarching themes within the Star Wars universe was/is/always will be a source of inspiration for my (feeble? meager?) attempts at storytelling, the plotting and pondering remains a thing, and organizing all the moving parts is always a challenge. Revenge, redemption, and retribution have an omnipresence in any story arc, and mine is no different (or at least I think that’s the case)

Perhaps I’ve set my standards too high.

Perhaps my expectations are unrealistic.

Perhaps I should stop over-analyzing everything and just write.

Yes, this is all probably coming across as a broken record, all this Hamlet-like pondering, but it’s where my (writing) mind is situated at the moment. Then again, among the stories not related to the Epic Saga that is the MASC Chronicles is a nugget of an idea of writing AU, expository tales based on existing (great) works such as Hamlet, if only to “fill in” the missing/untold portions of the story. Even though I’m a mad (in a good way) Star Wars geek/nerd/dork, I’m not going to even make an attempt to write fan fiction for that fandom – there’s more than enough out there (and it still peeves me that the 30+ years of novels, comic books, games, etc. is not relevant in relation to the films).

But I digress again.

The calendar year is quickly coming to a close, and with the advent of the New Year, hope spring (ever) eternal that at least one of my stories will emerge quasi-formulated from the recesses of my mind.

Once again, May the Force Be With You (and with The Force Awakens)

Also, looking forward to River meeting Twelve next week – The Husbands of River Song should prove to be quite entertaining.

Needless to say, expectations will be running high – whether or not they’re met remains to be seen.

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