Plot Twists and Red Herrings

“So what happens now?”

Now that I’ve quasi-decided/declared to stop participating in NaNoWriMo and return to my usual writing schedule, which happens whenever the Muses confer with the plot bunnies and make sense of whatever is lying about in the cluttered Vault of Plot Points, Character Exposition and Narrative Arcs [or the VOPPCENA – I make up acronyms now, – acronyms are cool] hidden deep within the Land of Exposition. While much of the data stored in the VOPPCENA lies within an intricate electronic database, guarded by the Phantom Shadows (with their swishy cloaks and Force-like abilities), a great deal of data is still in paper form, collated, date and time stamped, written in different colored ink, mostly in cursive writing). It’s a hodgepodge of discarded notions, recycled concepts, and (to be perfectly honest) stolen borrowed ideas from existing (published) material. Of course any of the latter would need to be filed away, never to be used (or at best, modified to the extent where no one would ever have reason to sue me).

“So what happens now?”

Now that NaNoWriMo is behind me (and now forever in my past), thus begins (restarts) my journey to plotting, pondering and actually!writing that which is (still) called the MASC Chronicles. The Good News is that I have had fleeting thoughts about the PPCENA [plot points, character exposition and narrative arcs], and have made quasi-sense of the sheer depth, breadth and volume of the daunting task I set for myself when I first thought to create this universe of things. There are plot twists amid plot twists, red herrings that might not be red herrings and other literary metaphors consistent when working on an epic saga. The science fiction elements mixed with mystery and fantasy are omnipresent, and make quasi- sense in my head – at least the general overall narrative arc does.

The “Bad” News is that time is not on my side – the demands from the Real Life Brigade, with its time sensitive demands and concurrent events and processes, have taken up almost all of my time and concentration, which has left little time for the aforementioned Muses to present their ideas to the Literary Administration who would be the ones to make sense of the narrative arc so actual!writing can commence.

[Yes, the quasi-Meta drama that is the Land of Exposition continues to grow, and will warrant its own epic saga of sagas… It’s on the (long) list of Things to Write.]

“Where am I going to?”

Again, the notion of plot twists and red herrings is influenced by the Series/Season Nine finale of Doctor Who “Hell Bent”, which I rightly predicted would be a mind-imploding experience, full of plot twists, misdirection and red herrings. (not to mention loads of throwback references to the series’ rich history). Presumptions are made and shattered in an instant, while at the same time, take their time to reveal themselves, which makes sense since time is a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey ball of … stuff. The lengths a person (or Time Lord) would go to save the people they care for show the true measure of the person.

But I (slightly) digress.

The ideas are there, quasi-set in some sense of order, the characters are (for the most part) developed enough, and the (general) narrative arc is somewhat set in stone (or at least in wet cement). All that need to be figured out are the actual details – and a TARDIS so I can find the time to get at least some of this completed.

But when will that actually happen?

“Don’t ask anymore…”


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