NaNoWriMo (2015) Update #4

Well here we are once again at the end of another unsuccessful attempt at the NaNoWriMo challenge, though this year I probably should not have made said attempt, with all the real life things going on along with a perpetually wandering mind,  and new episodes of  Doctor Who (more about this week’s episode “Heaven Sent” later).

Anyway, while the ideas surrounding the many novels currently percolating in my head are quasi-formulated, mostly outlined and semi-coherent, the actual distance from the head to the page is growing farther as the days go by. The Land of Exposition is undergoing a major overhaul, with the Real Life  Brigade making last-minute changes and adding much (unnecessary yet pertinent) paperwork to be reviewed, processed and executed before the (quasi) Grand merger is to be officially official.

For those at home (and away) following the rambling shenanigans throughout this journey thus far, I’m sure this all seems as if I’ve been stuck in a perpetual time loop, never really moving forward or backwards, but more like I’ve been moving in place. I’ll confess perhaps that’s the truth I’ve kept quasi-buried in the (proverbial) sand – that I’m purposely stalling because I’m scared of what will be when the multitude of stories finally make it out into the open. I’m scared of the reaction they will receive, scared of maybe all the stories I’ve concocted are not really any good or plausible. Maybe I’ve wasted my energy thinking up these characters and scenarios, when it’s already been written “better” by others.

Maybe I’m repeating myself with these doubts. Again.

Or maybe I shouldn’t over think it all, and just go with the flow wherever it may lead.

Maybe I’ve let each new episode of Doctor Who influence my way of thinking, in terms of storytelling and building character and narrative arcs. I’ve always enjoyed the way Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat writes, and how the story arcs he develops are very  inside the box (of course, as the [blue] box is bigger on the inside). “Heaven Sent” was expertly structured and had quite the twist at the end (though subconsciously,  I should have seen that coming). Next week’s episode is surely going to be mind-imploding.

So, it is here that I will quasi-officially declare the end of my participation in all things NaNoWriMo, and get back to the task of plotting, pondering and actually!writing – at my own pace.

Eventually I’ll reach the end goal of completing a novel, and I (highly) suspect I’ll get there the long way ’round.


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