NaNoWriMo (2015) Update #3

So. This might turn out to be a rather short update, as there’s not really much to update – at least in the whole NaNoWriMo front – word count remains at zero, as a confluence of circumstances have left the plot bunnies and Muses scrambling about quasi-aimlessly to keep things moving whilst the Real Life Brigade ponder their purpose and get all their chicks (and ducks and geese) in a row.

[Yes, I’m quasi-aware the above is a run-on sentence… or is it?]

Anyway, I think it’s time to face the raven music and throw in the (metaphoric) towel with regards to the whole NaNoWriMo thing (which is probably quasi-ironic, as I’ve recently learned how to spell the acronym correctly). In the three years I’ve participated, I have yet to “win” or even get anywhere close to completing the task, despite the various plot twists, narrative arcs and story ideas floating about in my head. Then again, with the exception of term papers and other time-sensitive assignments (for which there are serious consequences when  left incomplete), the yen to write ebbs and flows, sometimes I actually!write something – plot outlines, character exposition or *gasp* actual narrative, while other times I just plot and ponder internally.  Some (far-fetched) ideas get filed away in the Vault, other ideas gestate and mutate into Something Completely Different. Genre models are inserted, removed, re-inserted and re-removed; character and/or narrative arcs move about in the wibbly-wobbly space/time continuum that is the Epic Series Saga that is (still!) known as the MASC Chronicles.

It’s still a Grand Adventure, even though much of it is (still) shrouded in a quasi-thick haze of smoke and mirrors, and writing about the quasi-journey, with all its digressions and distractions, is a learning experience. Keeping apace with the self-assigned weekly blog update (whether or not there’s anything worth sharing) is a testament of consistency and a rare (?) gift of being able to write quasi-factual, quasi-fictional musings with (minimal) editing. What goes into this blog (for the most part) is made up as I go along, so the odds are very high that I’ve contradicted (and repeated) myself many times – which means that I’m either running out of quasi-random things to write, or that I’m lock in some sort of time loop… which may or may not serve as an interesting plot device in the aforementioned series saga – as if I need another complication to make things “interesting” or “different”.


As November is rapidly coming to a close and there’s one more Saturday in the month (for which there should be a final NaNoWriMo update, even though I’ve already waved the proverbial white flag on the challenge),  to keep with the consistency, I’ll most likely keep that theme going – perhaps the final update will be a farewell to the pursuit of that challenge.

I’ll face the raven like the Impossible Girl (*spoiler alert*) and bravely walk towards the inevitable. I will admit to tearing up near the end of  this week’s episode of Doctor Who, “Face the Raven” – of all the ways for Clara to exit the series, that was not the way I would have thought she’d leave (hopefully for good – as her habitual reappearances grew tiresome). It was a heartbreaking farewell, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Doctor will cope (and where he was sent via that portable transporter – I just hope Me does not commandeer the TARDIS…). I have a (bad) feeling it’ll be quite the dramatic episode next week.

And potentially (inevitably) inspiration for the Epic Saga, as most everything I encounter becomes – anything and (almost) everything is fodder for the book(s).

So long for now, and may the plot bunnies and Muses find a way out of the perpetual time loop.

Huh – I guess this entry wasn’t as short as I thought it would be.

Oh well…


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