NaNoWriMo (2015) Update #2

So, I’ve been spelling NaNoWriMo wrong since I first delved into this challenge.

Three years ago.


In my mind, adding the “t” to the “Wri” section of the quasi-acronym made some sense, as “Writ” would be more of an intuitive abbreviation of “Writing” than “Wri” but perhaps that only made sense to me. Then again, the quasi-symmetrical logic of shortening “National Novel Writing Month” to two letters (a consonant and a vowel) makes sense and since there are two consonants before the first vowel in writing, “wri” keeps with that abbreviation.


I thought of going back and fixing this misspelling, but I thought against it (though I quasi-started to fix the spelling in the last few entries). Since this blog is supposed to be a snapshot of my mindset and musings at the time the entry was written, I might as well keep the misspelling and spell the acronym correctly going forward.

So, onward we go.

It’s just about the midway point of the NaNoWriMo challenge, and the word count for my quasi-meta story has remained the same: zero. While I’ve pondered and formulated tentative narrative arcs and contemplated potential characters (some of whom might be plucked from the sprawling, quasi-formed epic saga that is the MASC Chronicles), no actual!writing has actually happened. Or rather, no actual words have escaped the confines of the Land of Exposition and arrived (quasi) safely onto the Document of Word. It seems the Real Life Brigade and its seemingly endless planning and proclamations have created more instability and uncertainty, While there have been promises of order and (relative) stability within the Land of Exposition, a new set of negotiations and such will be needed – the ducks, swans and pigeons will also be in attendance (though they’re really just there to keep the peace, or at least make a valiant attempt at maintaining some semblance of order).

So thus we return to (relative) reality. [The quasi-absurd, spontaneously created subplot of the Land of Exposition follies will remain, quasi-absurd and spontaneously created.]

Even though I quasi-officially announced a (new) satiric (?) novel project for this year’s NaNoWriMo, the plot bunnies and Muses return to plotting and pondering the nuances of the MASC Chronicles – (the relatively underdeveloped) Series Three in particular, though stray ponderings have been afforded to Series One and Two, though those musings have a tentative connection to Series Three. I’d offer some details, but…


As it’s been expounded across (most of) the blog entries thus far, (just about) everything (fictional) I’ve written at any given point in time (and space) is connected to the MASC Chronicles. Whether that’s a brilliant concept or a bumbling mistake remains to be seen; adding dimensions (alternate or otherwise) and shuffling characters from one series to the next (and back) could potentially create a rift in the space/time continuum. Then again, it might end up being a super awesome albeit sprawling epic that will garner countless fan fiction stories (most of which I’ll end up writing myself) and (hopefully) be properly adapted into a film or TV series, and adapted as a stage production.

Of course, for any of that to actually!happen, I’ll need to actually!write them first.

After I recover from the narrative twists and turns from this week’s episode of Doctor Who, which may (or may not) serve as a source of inspiration for the perpetual plot bunnies.

Sleep No More indeed: something (or someone) wicked this way comes.

…And thus the Bard returns to the subplot fold – if only on a temporary basis.


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