Déjà Vu All Over Again…

Quasi-continuing with the theme of time travel, alternate history and parallel universes – fresh off watching the latest episode of Doctor Who “The Girl Who Died” – another two parter? Really? Well, at least the episode didn’t end with a cliffhanger, but once again had me literally leaping out of my seat and wildly gesturing towards the screen; for that, well done, Moffat! – the notion of memory and recurring themes springs into my head. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before in a previous entry (which further emphasizes the whole meta quality of my writing blog writing thus far), so at the risk of repeating myself (again?), I’ll keep going.

[Also, as a footnote/random fact, the title of this week’s blog is a quasi-homage to the late, great Yankee catcher Yogi Berra, who coined the phrase “déjà vu all over again” along with a host of other great sayings.]


Over the years/decades, I’ve dreamt up a lot of characters, narrative arcs and plot twists – some were brilliantly complicated, some were absurdly convoluted and other were just comical. Some were left in “the Vault”, the repository hidden somewhere within the Land of Exposition, not too far from the Character Development Inn and Contemplation Lake. The Real Life Brigade discovered its whereabouts “accidentally” (and proceeded to attempt to crack the intricate code, only to give up when the AI interface started quoting Monty Python sketches and song lyrics instead of asking the assigned security questions. The Real Life Brigade minions completed one section of their new building (tentatively named “The Department of Auditing and Processing and Filing Paperwork”) and proceeded to audit, process and file the necessary paperwork to finish building the rest of the building. The Planning Committee, in charge of the Administrative branch within the Land of Exposition, who run the logistical goings-on behind the scenes (and behind some fancy screens) proceeded to review these documents and launched their own audit investigation. Needless to say, the Real Life Brigade will keep everyone busy in the days/weeks/months to come.

But I digress.

Old ideas, whether they be names, plot points, or general history, have a way of lurking in the shadows, biding its time to poke about and mingle amid the new ideas. They find a way to bypass the intricate AI security system of the Vault and reemerge as a quasi-new idea. Or a memory echo. Or like a mind worm.

The whole concept of déjà vu (as I understand it, at least) as it relates to my (seemingly never-ending quest to actually!write something) is probably the reason why/how my  five-and-a-half page ghost story snowballed into a three part, 36 book series saga that spans over time and space, with probable jaunts into parallel universes. Characters and narrative arcs I outlined years ago become incorporated into the main narrative or in the exposition – they become part of the “what if?” equation which (almost) always leads to an alternate/parallel universe where Timeline B happens because Character A didn’t do something important, so Character P and Q were able to bring about Plot Twist #9 which led to Event X.

OK, I just made all that up right now, but it could happen.

It might already have happened.

Or it will happen.

It’s kinda like the Bootstrap Paradox. (Google it.)

I should get back to the plotting and pondering, and prepping for this year’s NaNoWriMo – I might get around to writing that Meta story, or the idea(s) proposed in last week’s blog entry.

Or maybe something new/old will find its way to the surface.

Only time will tell. (and I hope Time will tell me soon.)

Ooh. Personifying ideas and concepts.

Now there’s a new/old idea.


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