Dual Blogging, Redux

So my quasi-writing life and perpetual theater-going life coincide once again, as the new Broadway season starts and my usual round of theatre-going return (after a brief hiatus). Instances such as these are rare, as I’ve rarely see (new) shows on the day I write up this blog entry since I started this blog, but I know there will at least be one more convergence of dual blogging in the near future.

But that’ll be a tale for another time.


The denizens of the Real Life Brigade have started work on building their new facilities, clearing off some trees (some of which were due to be cleared anyway due to an unexpected influx of wood worms, termites and other wood-eating creatures of which I cannot name at this time) and making plans. A multitude of tents dot the neighboring field, as most of the Real Life Brigade folks are rural by nature, while others have migrated into the spare rooms at the Character Development Inn, partaking of its excellent food and (almost) endless supply of coffee.

So actual!writing hasn’t happened in a while, though a bit of plotting and pondering has popped up every now and then (much of which inspired by the quasi-recent lunar eclipse/blood moon). Vampires have re-emerged, as they usually do around this time of year, with their plot ninja minions. Time travel has returned as a quasi-viable (albeit confusing) option, with the return of the Madman Idiot with the Box. Interestingly enough, the wizards have stayed far, far away, possibly frightened by the Real Life Brigade and their barricade.

Who knows?

Of course, with all this talk of convergence between two of my great interests (writing and theatre-going) it’s almost inevitable that the two will overlap and merge into one oddly interesting and mildly confusing (?) quasi-fictional tale of high drama, soaring ballads and crashing chandeliers (atop a winding staircase). One underdeveloped story series (saga?) has been theatre-based – fan fiction(ish) tales of events that might have happened before/during/after certain shows (musicals and Shakespeare), and creating a possible alternate (?) universe where the feuding families theme is applied to theatre actors vs. movie stars/”reality TV” celebrities.

Once again, too many ideas, not much hope of focusing on where the focus should be.

Nevertheless, the main series saga (and the other works in progress that have actual progress) remain the main focus – or at least that should be the case. The Real Life Brigade and their demands on my time have preoccupied the Mind Palace and drained a bit of creative juice from the foundations. While it’s not exactly a bad thing, it’s not a good thing either – catching up on what needs to be done and what tasks are expected to be completed at a certain time does take time to figure out. There is a multitude of moving parts and different sized cogs in this machine, and it takes focus (and copious amounts of coffee) to accomplish it all and not drown in the sea of demands, paperwork and other things.

There has to be some kind of balance between the creative nonfiction and fiction writing, and I have yet to find that balance.

I think.

I’ll find it eventually.

I hope.

With all this impending construction in the Land of Exposition, there probably should have been an area for the creative nonfiction writing and the theatrical wing (complete with an art gallery where photos would be on display.)

I really should write that quasi-meta story saga.

Maybe I already started writing it.

Reality and fantasy collide once more.

Or maybe I’m just repeating myself.

Wait, wasn’t that a movie…?


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