An Unexpected (Yet Welcome) Change

Change is (quasi-literally) in the air.

So it’s officially Fall, and pumpkin spice everything reins quasi-supreme (though I will admit the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is just OK – I do like their new Toasted Graham Latte…). The next round of NaNoWritMo looms in the distant horizon, and the Muses are lurking about, muttering to themselves.


The roads into the Land of Exposition are still blocked by the barricades built by the Sentinels of the Real Life Brigade, though a compromise (of sorts) has been reached. With the minor rebellion amid the upper ranks of that quasi-shadowy organization, the double-speak and red tape has been swept away and negotiations have resumed/formally commenced in earnest (curiously enough with with representatives on both sides named Earnest).

[Yeah, that was a lame joke, but an inevitable one.]


While the roads to the Land of Exposition will be reopened, the barricades will remain in place (at least for the time being, as it’ll take a long time to dismantle and dispose of the debris in a environmentally sound manner). During their time occupying the Land of Exposition, some of the Sentinels stationed at the barricades (who are now the ones in charge) have witness the merits of the amenities provided, especially at the Character Development Inn. According to the meeting notes, Tony, the bombastic (and equally gender fluid) poltergeist, the Grand Pooh Bah of the Plot Bunnies were instrumental in this shift in perspective, with colorful assistance from Bob, the (self-appointed) Almost-But-No-Quite-So Grand Pooh Bah of the Plot Bunnies. Also, it seems the complexity and the near-infinite capacity of the FanGirl Meter (patent pending) contributed to the quasi-secret negotiations.

Bottom line: the (new) Sentinels in charge have abandoned the barricades and have commandeered a portion of the Land of Exposition for their business use, while those who had opposed the reopening of the roads fled to a parallel pocket universe where their power reins supreme. While the Muses will remain plotting and pondering over the many works in progress fed through the FanGirl Meter and the Mind Palace, a portion of their time and unique abilities will be devoted to the Sentinel’s cause(s), many of which are procedural and exclusively administrative.

A somewhat favorable compromise between art and business, leading to the reopening of the road(s) into the Land of Exposition. How this new (business-related) component to the Land of Exposition will affect the status quo remains to be seen. Plans have been drafted to build a suitable building to house these newcomers (as the barricades were rather drafty and not as comfortable as expected).

So the division of time and concentration has been established, and (almost) all is well again.

Now it’s time to sort through the backlogs and sift through the fleeting ideas and revisions put forth by the (mostly unsupervised) Plot Bunnies.

Back (once again!) to the plotting/pondering/actual!writing (after watching the new episode of Doctor Who)


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