A Perpetual Time Loop Towards a Different Path

Or: Even more quasi-random musings on whatever comes to mind at this very moment (or a few moments ago, as it does take some time for the exact thought to travel from the head through the arms and out from my fingertips).


In honor (kinda) of the Series 9 premiere of Doctor Who, my mind wanders to the different storylines quasi-outlined and detailed for my main series saga [the MASC Chronicles] and the possible (alternate?) universes based on decisions made (or not made) by various characters, and how those decisions impact how the future / past / present unfolds and how the relationships develop (or not).

Once again, timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly.

Since the MASC Chronicles as it currently stands (in its quasi-nebulous form of bullet points and general summaries somewhere in the inner recesses of my mind) as a trilogy of multiple volumes within (36 is still the ambitious, projected grand total) there are (too?) many paths down which the narrative arcs can travel, (too?) many paths down which my protagonist(s) and their progeny can walk and (far too) many paths down which I [as the creator of this overwhelming universe] have taken to get to this point.

The roads into the Land of Exposition are still blocked by the towering barricades and the Sentinels of the Real Life Brigade are still keeping watch in the night (and during the day), though a few have broken from the ranks and sent covert messages to the Muses with regards to possible negotiations of a possible compromise. Moreover, reports from those within the Land of Exposition tell the tale of revolution against the Sentinels, and whispers of the Changing of the Guard.

Only time will tell how this will all play out.

Or make any semblance of sense.

To be quasi-serious (for a moment at least) I’m slowly finding my way back through the quasi-fog of multiple narrative arcs for each series within the MASC Chronicles and within the other stories that may or may not have ties to the aforementioned series saga. Organizing thoughts and figuring out where/when/how things fit (or not) is the Challenge of the Moment (and many moments therein) – remembering which storylines (and sub-storylines) go with which series and whether or not the stories not directly associated with the Epic Saga could/should/might be incorporated into said Epic Saga.

Then again, without the intricate, interweaving narrative arcs, the Epic Saga won’t come across as epic as it should be.

Streamlining genre-related elements is also a quasi-top priority, as the debate still (!) rages on whether to incorporate real life history, formulate alternate history or create fictional history. Either way I choose, it’ll involve (lots of) research, pondering and plotting; reviving old(er) plot points is always an option, as is incorporating a host of dorky/geeky/nerdy pop culture references.

Yes, I’m procrastinating a little a lot, but once I finalize the overall structure, it’ll be an epic journey, though whether I have the wherewithal to actually!write it, is an entirely different story.

A story (or series?) that I might write before (or perhaps concurrently) with the aforementioned stories.

Change (and pumpkin spice everything) is in the air or, to quote from one of my favorite Disney musicals:

“Wind’s in the east, there’s a mist coming in – like something is brewing, and ’bout to begin. Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel all to happen all happened before…”

Back to actual!writing, plotting and pondering (after I watch “The Magician’s Apprentice” that is).

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