Progressing in Procrastinating

I’m stuck.

In a literary and (quasi) literal way. I might as well admit that I haven’t actually!written much – aside from these weekly quasi-rambling posts about the process of quasi-rambling and sorting through the (literally) thousands of plot, character and narrative threads bouncing about in my head.

The paths into the Land of Exposition are still blocked, the Sentinels are still keeping watch in the night, silent and sure and know their place in the sky. The Muses questing for the Shrubbery have returned empty handed, which is probably for the best – clearly a new plan must be put forth. The Real Life Brigade are successful in distracting and diverting forward momentum, and have continued to sing the song of angry men (though why they’re angry is a bit of mystery).


Yet all hope is not lost (yet) – it’s all a matter of regaining focus and wading through the aforementioned multitude of thoughts, musings and separate narrative arcs. I’ve probably blathered on about this in previous entries – while I’ve archived this entire blog (except for the few fictional pieces, since they’re already archived somewhere else), I still have yet to re-read what I had written. Yet here I am again, stuck in neutral – not going left, not going right (or forward or backwards for that matter).

Or I am losing my mind?

Most likely not – certain show tunes keep popping into my head, which happens when I listen to my “Broadway and Beyond” iTunes playlist, which is a healthy mix of classic and modern musicals.

While my literary side has stalled (a lot), my theatrical side has reawakened (a little) – my interest in writing and musical theatre emerged at roughly the same point in my life, and have developed and expanded concurrently to the point where they coincide. Among the literary works in progress are Carpe Noctemthe fan fiction expansion on Dance of the Vampires, a musical that (unfortunately) had a short run on Broadway and remains a sentimental favorite of mine (for various reasons), and 50 Shades of Sunset, the aborted (if I can use that word in this context) attempt at writing a quasi-parody novel based on Sunset Blvd. which also had a not-so-long run on Broadway, and my third all time favorite musical.

I do intend to continue work on both/either or these projects, though they’ve been put on hiatus; the main series I should be plotting, pondering, and actually!writing is the oft-mentioned yet quasi-vaguely described MASC Chronicles (also known as the Epic Saga).

Or the Meta series which I’m kinda, sorta writing in real time (if some of these posts can attest, my literal life has almost become a literary one, with the frequent visits to the Land of Exposition and the various landmarks within). If I extract the entries that relate to that quasi-fictional land, I’m almost sure I’ll have a novella or at least an amusing essay series.

Though I kinda, sorta wish such a place existed in Real Life. I’m sure it’d be quite a haven from all the insanity going on in the world today, a nice escape from it all – no worries, no pressure (well, maybe a little pressure, the kind that’s necessary to inspire and motivate the writing process).

As Summer turns into Fall, change in in the air (as well as the advent of pumpkin flavored everything), and hopefully, some forward progression will be made.

And hopefully the Real Life Brigade will breakdown their quasi-double speak and plainly state their intentions and provide some meaningful feedback to their demands.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed (once again!) to actually!write a decent amount of words for this quasi-Meta journey of writing about the progress (or lack thereof) of the writing process.

Maybe I’m not really stuck after all.


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