An Unexpected (Yet Welcome) Change

Change is (quasi-literally) in the air.

So it’s officially Fall, and pumpkin spice everything reins quasi-supreme (though I will admit the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is just OK – I do like their new Toasted Graham Latte…). The next round of NaNoWritMo looms in the distant horizon, and the Muses are lurking about, muttering to themselves.


The roads into the Land of Exposition are still blocked by the barricades built by the Sentinels of the Real Life Brigade, though a compromise (of sorts) has been reached. With the minor rebellion amid the upper ranks of that quasi-shadowy organization, the double-speak and red tape has been swept away and negotiations have resumed/formally commenced in earnest (curiously enough with with representatives on both sides named Earnest).

[Yeah, that was a lame joke, but an inevitable one.]


While the roads to the Land of Exposition will be reopened, the barricades will remain in place (at least for the time being, as it’ll take a long time to dismantle and dispose of the debris in a environmentally sound manner). During their time occupying the Land of Exposition, some of the Sentinels stationed at the barricades (who are now the ones in charge) have witness the merits of the amenities provided, especially at the Character Development Inn. According to the meeting notes, Tony, the bombastic (and equally gender fluid) poltergeist, the Grand Pooh Bah of the Plot Bunnies were instrumental in this shift in perspective, with colorful assistance from Bob, the (self-appointed) Almost-But-No-Quite-So Grand Pooh Bah of the Plot Bunnies. Also, it seems the complexity and the near-infinite capacity of the FanGirl Meter (patent pending) contributed to the quasi-secret negotiations.

Bottom line: the (new) Sentinels in charge have abandoned the barricades and have commandeered a portion of the Land of Exposition for their business use, while those who had opposed the reopening of the roads fled to a parallel pocket universe where their power reins supreme. While the Muses will remain plotting and pondering over the many works in progress fed through the FanGirl Meter and the Mind Palace, a portion of their time and unique abilities will be devoted to the Sentinel’s cause(s), many of which are procedural and exclusively administrative.

A somewhat favorable compromise between art and business, leading to the reopening of the road(s) into the Land of Exposition. How this new (business-related) component to the Land of Exposition will affect the status quo remains to be seen. Plans have been drafted to build a suitable building to house these newcomers (as the barricades were rather drafty and not as comfortable as expected).

So the division of time and concentration has been established, and (almost) all is well again.

Now it’s time to sort through the backlogs and sift through the fleeting ideas and revisions put forth by the (mostly unsupervised) Plot Bunnies.

Back (once again!) to the plotting/pondering/actual!writing (after watching the new episode of Doctor Who)

A Perpetual Time Loop Towards a Different Path

Or: Even more quasi-random musings on whatever comes to mind at this very moment (or a few moments ago, as it does take some time for the exact thought to travel from the head through the arms and out from my fingertips).


In honor (kinda) of the Series 9 premiere of Doctor Who, my mind wanders to the different storylines quasi-outlined and detailed for my main series saga [the MASC Chronicles] and the possible (alternate?) universes based on decisions made (or not made) by various characters, and how those decisions impact how the future / past / present unfolds and how the relationships develop (or not).

Once again, timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly.

Since the MASC Chronicles as it currently stands (in its quasi-nebulous form of bullet points and general summaries somewhere in the inner recesses of my mind) as a trilogy of multiple volumes within (36 is still the ambitious, projected grand total) there are (too?) many paths down which the narrative arcs can travel, (too?) many paths down which my protagonist(s) and their progeny can walk and (far too) many paths down which I [as the creator of this overwhelming universe] have taken to get to this point.

The roads into the Land of Exposition are still blocked by the towering barricades and the Sentinels of the Real Life Brigade are still keeping watch in the night (and during the day), though a few have broken from the ranks and sent covert messages to the Muses with regards to possible negotiations of a possible compromise. Moreover, reports from those within the Land of Exposition tell the tale of revolution against the Sentinels, and whispers of the Changing of the Guard.

Only time will tell how this will all play out.

Or make any semblance of sense.

To be quasi-serious (for a moment at least) I’m slowly finding my way back through the quasi-fog of multiple narrative arcs for each series within the MASC Chronicles and within the other stories that may or may not have ties to the aforementioned series saga. Organizing thoughts and figuring out where/when/how things fit (or not) is the Challenge of the Moment (and many moments therein) – remembering which storylines (and sub-storylines) go with which series and whether or not the stories not directly associated with the Epic Saga could/should/might be incorporated into said Epic Saga.

Then again, without the intricate, interweaving narrative arcs, the Epic Saga won’t come across as epic as it should be.

Streamlining genre-related elements is also a quasi-top priority, as the debate still (!) rages on whether to incorporate real life history, formulate alternate history or create fictional history. Either way I choose, it’ll involve (lots of) research, pondering and plotting; reviving old(er) plot points is always an option, as is incorporating a host of dorky/geeky/nerdy pop culture references.

Yes, I’m procrastinating a little a lot, but once I finalize the overall structure, it’ll be an epic journey, though whether I have the wherewithal to actually!write it, is an entirely different story.

A story (or series?) that I might write before (or perhaps concurrently) with the aforementioned stories.

Change (and pumpkin spice everything) is in the air or, to quote from one of my favorite Disney musicals:

“Wind’s in the east, there’s a mist coming in – like something is brewing, and ’bout to begin. Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel all to happen all happened before…”

Back to actual!writing, plotting and pondering (after I watch “The Magician’s Apprentice” that is).

Dueling Blogs – (Creative) Nonfiction & (Quasi) Fiction

As I might have mentioned in previous entries, I have two blogs here on WordPress – one focusing (mostly) on my adventures (or lack thereof) in the World of Writing, and the other focusing (mainly) on my adventures in the World of (mainly) Musical Theatre. While I’ve managed to post a weekly post for the writing blog (with varying degrees of actual substance and oodles of entertainment value), I haven’t maintained the same discipline for the Theatre blog. This is not due to a lack of topics and material for which to write – I’ve seen a LOT of musicals and (to a lesser extent) plays over the years decades, as well as attended many theatre-related events (CD signings, free outdoor concerts, film adaptations, etc.). I could probably write a book (or several) of all the theatrical experiences, and include photos of all the Close Encounters of the Theatrical Kind (at least for the more recent experiences).

Yet that hasn’t happened (yet), as those blog entries are not so much reviews (though I do interject some of my personal opinions about the show in question), they’re more personal narratives of my own experience with that particular performance, or in the case of my four part blog series of my year of seeing La Cage aux Folles, memories of the show for each season. I suppose it falls into the genre of creative non-fiction (if such a genre exists), as it’s based on actual events that happened relating to a fictional narrative, and my perspective(s) with regards to the events that unfold. It’s (more or less) a mix of facts and opinions wrapped in a narrative with a definite structure – there’s a beginning, middle and end, and accompanying photos (though the photos I have posted there are only a fraction of the ones I’ve taken with my trusty digital camera).


Writing the theatre entries is a much more precise and time-consuming process than writing these entries, as the former requires a bit more concentration, precision and (some) fact checking, while the latter is just me writing whatever pops into my head at any given moment. Also, unlike this blog, I write the theatre blog entries in to Word first then copy and paste into WordPress. Why I go about writing these two blogs differently is a mystery in and of itself, but at least it’s actual!writing.

The spark that brought about this week’s entry (as the barricades around the Land of Exposition remain as they were, and the Sentinels remain at their post – some not blinking for some reason) was the fact I attended the final matinee performance of Mamma Mia! earlier today. After (most) theatrical experiences, I write up a blog entry about my experiences at the performance usually within 24-48 hours of said event, as it’s fresher in my mind and the details are more clear.

It’s been a while since I went to see a show (for various reasons), which explains the infrequency of posting theatrical entries (though technically speaking I could have written about past theatrical experiences but that would require hopping into the TARDIS of my mind and recalling events that happened years ago).

But I digress.

The urge to prepare and write the theatre blog today conflicts (somewhat) with the weekly writing of this blog and the schedule to which I’ve committed myself to write and post here on a weekly basis. The different mindsets required (at least for me) have me bouncing from one side to the other, not quite knowing where to land.

On the other hand, the fact that I have had this (quasi) conflict has allowed me to write up something this week, when I thought I didn’t have much to write about this week.

So in the end, it all works out.

One blog entry completed, time to write the other one.

Hopefully there’ll be more of an update on the state of my actual!writing in the near future.

Progressing in Procrastinating

I’m stuck.

In a literary and (quasi) literal way. I might as well admit that I haven’t actually!written much – aside from these weekly quasi-rambling posts about the process of quasi-rambling and sorting through the (literally) thousands of plot, character and narrative threads bouncing about in my head.

The paths into the Land of Exposition are still blocked, the Sentinels are still keeping watch in the night, silent and sure and know their place in the sky. The Muses questing for the Shrubbery have returned empty handed, which is probably for the best – clearly a new plan must be put forth. The Real Life Brigade are successful in distracting and diverting forward momentum, and have continued to sing the song of angry men (though why they’re angry is a bit of mystery).


Yet all hope is not lost (yet) – it’s all a matter of regaining focus and wading through the aforementioned multitude of thoughts, musings and separate narrative arcs. I’ve probably blathered on about this in previous entries – while I’ve archived this entire blog (except for the few fictional pieces, since they’re already archived somewhere else), I still have yet to re-read what I had written. Yet here I am again, stuck in neutral – not going left, not going right (or forward or backwards for that matter).

Or I am losing my mind?

Most likely not – certain show tunes keep popping into my head, which happens when I listen to my “Broadway and Beyond” iTunes playlist, which is a healthy mix of classic and modern musicals.

While my literary side has stalled (a lot), my theatrical side has reawakened (a little) – my interest in writing and musical theatre emerged at roughly the same point in my life, and have developed and expanded concurrently to the point where they coincide. Among the literary works in progress are Carpe Noctemthe fan fiction expansion on Dance of the Vampires, a musical that (unfortunately) had a short run on Broadway and remains a sentimental favorite of mine (for various reasons), and 50 Shades of Sunset, the aborted (if I can use that word in this context) attempt at writing a quasi-parody novel based on Sunset Blvd. which also had a not-so-long run on Broadway, and my third all time favorite musical.

I do intend to continue work on both/either or these projects, though they’ve been put on hiatus; the main series I should be plotting, pondering, and actually!writing is the oft-mentioned yet quasi-vaguely described MASC Chronicles (also known as the Epic Saga).

Or the Meta series which I’m kinda, sorta writing in real time (if some of these posts can attest, my literal life has almost become a literary one, with the frequent visits to the Land of Exposition and the various landmarks within). If I extract the entries that relate to that quasi-fictional land, I’m almost sure I’ll have a novella or at least an amusing essay series.

Though I kinda, sorta wish such a place existed in Real Life. I’m sure it’d be quite a haven from all the insanity going on in the world today, a nice escape from it all – no worries, no pressure (well, maybe a little pressure, the kind that’s necessary to inspire and motivate the writing process).

As Summer turns into Fall, change in in the air (as well as the advent of pumpkin flavored everything), and hopefully, some forward progression will be made.

And hopefully the Real Life Brigade will breakdown their quasi-double speak and plainly state their intentions and provide some meaningful feedback to their demands.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed (once again!) to actually!write a decent amount of words for this quasi-Meta journey of writing about the progress (or lack thereof) of the writing process.

Maybe I’m not really stuck after all.