Facts, Figures and Findings

To complete the circle (kinda) on the (quasi) narrative flow of the past few week’s blog posts and to provide an (abridged) summary of the goings-on for this blog (for those out there in dark who haven’t been diligently following the random musings that have spilled out of my head), all points of entry into the Land of Exposition has been barricaded by the Real Life Brigade, the Muses embarked on a Quest for a Shrubbery and all entries (except for this one, obviously) for this insane interesting have been archived and the Grand Total has been calculated.

The Grand Word Count is 74,755 words written in 123 weeks, which is an achievement in and of itself – and far exceeds the word count for any actual!writing for work in progress, though if one counts all the musings, lists and other words written about the various works in progress, then the total amount of words actually!written skyrockets… to some extraordinary number.

But I digress.

Yet again.


The Muses are (probably) lost in a (very expensive) forest, the Sentinels from the Real Life Brigade are (diligently) keeping watch in the night, and the random musings for this blogging journey keep rolling in (and out). It almost seems as if my life now has become the tale for which I write.



While the bulk of this blog (minus the handful of Writing Prompt pieces) have been archived (i.e. I copied and pasted them into a Word document) I have yet to actually!reread what I had wrote written over the past 123 weeks. While I feel I probably should reread them (if only to correct any errors and redundancies), I hesitate to do so, as I want each entry to stand as a kind of snapshot of what was going on in my head as I was writing them at the time (a sort of stream of consciousness during this journey). It’s a (quasi) known fact that I ramble on about random things, making stuff up as I go along, writing in whatever pops into my brain and out through my fingertips and into this blog. It’s a process that seems to be working (I hope) and I’ve gotten (some) feedback of how entertaining these blog entries have been (which is a nice, since I rarely ever see any kind feedback).

Thoughts such as these happen once (or several times since I think I tend to repeat myself on a quasi-consistent basis) and should be captured and preserved as they were/are/to be in that brief moment in time. Whether or not they’ll make sense in the Grand Scheme of Things is to be seen – but for now it’s happening Now and should remain as it is Now, because you can’t really go back to Then when we’re at Now now.

Then again, when will Then be Now?


How Soon?

Who knows?

Anyway to be quasi-serious (for a change) I have to clear my thoughts and figure out where to start, or rather where the Beginning should be. Real life things are occupying my focus and attention at the moment, and those take precedence over the writing. Once those things are settled and secure, I can return to plotting, pondering and actually!writing.

That is, if the Muses return in time (and return fairly sane).

The Land of Exposition may never be the same again.


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