Updates on Works in Progress (and other Random Musings)


Not so much an update but more of a way to remind myself where I am in the process of plotting, pondering and actually!writing of the various stories that (more or less) make up the epic series saga that is the MASC Chronicles. Last month, I spent (most of) my time at Camp NaNoWritMo, with the most sincere intention of actually!writing a story totally unrelated to the aforementioned series saga. As quasi-detailed in the last four blog posts, I did manage to start writing that new story, which started as a daft idea during a Facebook chat session with a fellow writer that quickly escalated into a crack!fan fiction story that blended one of my favorite films and musicals, Sunset Boulevard with one of the most ridiculed book series, 50 Shades of Grey. For the record, I’ve never read 50 Shades (nor would I ever want to) but I knew enough about the plot and the (undeserved?) hype around it that I could attempt to use it as a launchpad to write a satire. After all, there are many, many other writers writing parodies of that series, so why not join them? Also, if there’s anything remotely positive to be taken away from E.L. James and her 50 Shades saga it’s that bad writing can be profitable (and marketable if the subject matter generates enough buzz – after all, bad press is still press) and that quality writing is a rare commodity. Whether it’s in literature, or in the entertainment media (TV shows, films, theatre) good writing, or rather original writing is hard to come by – almost everything is either a remake, a sequel, or prequel, usually with younger, “sexier” actors or gender reversed casting. Of course, there’s a reason for this (or rather several reasons):  with a remake, sequel, and/or prequel, there’s already a built-in audience/fandom that will (for the most part) go see it, though depending on the subject of the TV show/film/musical, a part of the fandom (actual size may vary) will rage over the (seemingly) unnecessary changes/omissions/additions made, while others will gush over the “hot” young eye candy.

But I digress.

Yet again.

While I did make (some) headway into actually!writing 50 Shades of Sunset, I never actually got to the absurd part of the parody (though I did have intermittent giggle fits thinking about it). And as a quasi-post Camp NaNoWritMo summation session, I did manage to actually!write and log in a higher word count than I had in the two previous Camp NaNoWritMo sessions. So that’s a quasi-victory in and of itself. Whether I have enough giggle fits or the (pardon the pun) balls to continue writing that absurd story, is debatable. It’s a crack!fic I want to write some day, but first I have the (more serious-ish) novels to actually!write.

Which leads me to the actual!point of this blog entry.

Since I had been (mostly) focused on the crack!fic for Camp NaNoWritMo, I hadn’t given much thought to my other works in progress – which was good for the purposes of focusing on that crack!fic and not getting distracted by the (literally) thousands of other ideas, musings and such for the MASC Chronicles or the Meta series. Yet now that that session of Camp NaNoWritMo has ended, I shall need to shift back to “reality”, which means I’ll be heading back to that fantastical realm that is the Land of Exposition.

Fun times.

Checking (back) into the Character Development Inn will be interesting, as is finding out what the Muses have been up to whilst I’ve been away, and seeing what new bells and whistles the FanGirl Meter (patent pending) has.

Actually, most of these blog posts could be construed as a running commentary for the Meta series, and the (lack of) progress thus far. I’m still stupidly proud that I’ve kept up posting weekly for the past two and almost a half years. It’s certainly the most actual!writing I’ve actually!written in that time span. Surely the fact that I can focus on writing on average 400+ words quasi-continuously in a (roughly) 1-3 hour span every Saturday is a positive indication that I can actually!write (and complete) a novel.


Well, enough blathering here – might as well pack my (metaphoric) bags and get thee back to writing.



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