Camp NaNoWritMo [Summer 2015] Update #4

It’s down to the final few days for this Camp NaNoWritMo session, and (not surprisingly) I’m nowhere near reaching the (self-assigned) word count to “win”. Real Life things have cropped up, which (in the grand scheme of things) take precedence, and will definitely require my full attention – though that doesn’t necessarily mean that the plotting, pondering and (gasp!) actual!writing will cease. In the immediate future, there will (most likely) be intermittent hiatuses with the actual!writing, and the plotting and pondering will always be a never-ending, complex occurrence. As for 50 Shades of Sunset, the odds of the story leaving my (cluttered) brain space and onto a Word document are most certainly not in my favor, but compared to my previous Camp NaNoWritMo efforts, I’ve actually!written (with little to no editing) more this time ’round.

So that’s a quasi-victory in and of itself.

While this month’s efforts have been sporadic, and prone to unexpected giggle fits, it’s also been quasi refreshing to focus the Muses, plot bunnies and other writing entities on a story unrelated to my various works in progress. It’s afforded me some distance from those works, though I’m sure a few of the aforementioned Muses have secluded themselves in an undisclosed location within the Land of Exposition to plot and ponder about the various narrative arcs within the MASC Chronicles. Considering all the moving parts (narrative arc, characters, etc.) within that series saga, it’s a wonder how my mind hasn’t wandered to that part of the forest this month. I suppose it’s a testament to my (quasi) promise to my fellow Camp NaNoWritMo participant (who has already “won”) to adhere to some of the “rules” set forth shortly before this Camp NaNoWritMo session, one of which was to actually!write an original story unrelated to the various works in progress (a “rule” she almost immediately “broke”, though I failed to adhere to the subsequent “rules” of not keeping up with the recommended daily word count quota and refraining from editing whilst I write).


Six days left until month’s end and a good portion of the narrative is quasi-written in my head, stuck somewhere between there and my fingertips. What’s been written thus far has been rambling and expository, which will undoubtedly be relegated to the “deleted scenes” portion of the story (if I ever get around to actually!writing this fan fiction quasi-parody.

Whether or not I will continue to work on this story beyond these next six days is questionable, as my works in progress have been on their (partial) summer hiatus and no doubt would want my full attention. Then again, I can easily add this to the (ever increasing) list of works in progress and figure out how to juggle all these stories.

Total Word Count (thus far): 1,242 (out of 10,086).


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