A (Mini) Tour of the Land of Exposition [Part 2]

As (quasi) promised in last week’s entry, a continuing, (quasi-thorough) tour of the Character Development Inn: each of the 36 rooms is decorated with period-specific furnishing (dependent upon genre) with a definite color scheme. The walls are sound proof (for the obvious reasons) and the windows shatter resistant; some rooms have plush (hypoallergenic) carpeting, while others have varnished wood flooring (creaking effect optional). The luxury suites include a functional (also period-specific) kitchen, fully (custom) stocked bar (coffee IV can be provided upon request), and meditation alcove, along with the usual amenities. Also, each room has every (conceivable) type of writing implement – from (sharpened) quill pens and (self-filling) inkwells to state of the art computers (Mac and/or PC) and everything in between.

Recreational drug use and smoking of any (and all) kind is NOT permitted within the Character Development Inn, to ensure maximum safety and security. However, for those who require these stimulants for the advancement of their craft, there is a separate, designated area on the far side of the Land of Exposition where these substances can be ingested/partaken with (relatively) little judgment.

[Once again, 98.7% of this is made up off the top of my head – quasi-random ideas direct from my brain space, down through my body and out from my fingertips. Whether or not any of this gets incorporated/mentioned in any of my works in progress remains to be seen.]


The other briefly (yet self-explanatory) mentioned inn amenities – the gym, the library, restaurant, and grand ballroom – are pretty much what they normally are at any other five-star hotel.

To make a long story short (too late!) just about every conceivable perk any writer would/could ever want/need/desire is provided – and if there is anything missing, comment cards are also provided to ensure maximum productivity and creativity.

Moving on.

Down (once more) the road from the Character Development Inn, located at the corner of Inspiration Road and Distraction Boulevard, the just-make-up-off-the-top-of-my-head location of the aforementioned inn, (with its exact [equally made up] mailing address 24-601 Nightbird Lane, Ricepaige, SB, 10086), we meander the twisted (every way) paths found in the Land of Exposition, where the Plotting and Pondering Annex can be found. It’s a (relatively) new addition to the inn, where plot (bunny) holes of varying depths and widths dot the area. These were put in place for those writers in need of acute (or obtuse) inspiration outside of those from the (usually friendly yet sometimes eccentric Muses). Each plot (bunny) hole is meticulously labeled [for informational purposes] and cordoned off [for safety reasons] with metal barricades of moderate height. Moreover, there are several reliable (and equally safe) methods of emerging from said plot (bunny) holes, depending on one’s preference: rope ladder, elevator, transporter.

As we venture further into the Land of Exposition, different pathways (of varying degrees of terrain and foliage) branch out – one path leads to the Contemplation Lake, where ideas and such linger in its placidity; another path leads to the Discussion Pond, where ideas and such mingle with other ideas to (possibly) create new ideas. It’s basically a quasi-separate retreat where introverts and extroverts can feel comfortable.

As mentioned (I think) already – the weather is always ideal, and the dangers from the outside world are minimal, though Bob, the quasi-friendly (and gender fluid) ghost, likes to stir up some mischief every now and then within the halls of the Character Development Inn (though he/she has yet to venture into the Plotting and Pondering Annex, where Tony, the bombastic (and equally gender fluid) poltergeist has taken up residence and proclaimed himself/herself Grand Pooh Bah of the Plot Bunnies.

And once again, the Cloister Bell tolls and the Muses (along with Bob and Tony) require foodstuffs and extraordinary amounts of attention. Moreover, I have actual!writing to actually!write.

In the next (and perhaps final installment – as most great story arcs are trilogies or multiples thereof), other (not yet thought of) areas within the Land of Exposition will be explored, including an exclusive (!) look into the (in)famous FanGirl Meter (patent pending).



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