A (Mini) Tour of the Land of Exposition [Part 1]

There’s a place tucked away in the depths of the shadow dimensions of a parallel pocket universe, where time and space are shifting on a quasi-regular basis, and things are never quite as they seem. A place where change is inevitable and order is an illusion. No one knows how to get there, yet (almost) everyone finds themselves there at some point in their lives. For some, it’s a brief (rest)stop on their journey; for others, it’s akin to the Hotel California: “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. Then there are those who might never find this place, despite (or because of) their efforts in searching for this mythical/mystical paragon of a Utopia.

Then again, maybe it’s all just a state of mind.

This is a place where ideas are created and destroyed, a place where left turns are prevalent to “boldly go where no man one has gone before”.

Welcome to the Land of Exposition.



For all my blathering about the Land of Exposition and the various locales within – the Character Development Inn (with its excellent coffee bar), the quasi-new Plotting and Pondering Annex and other places no doubt mentioned in passing (I’d probably have to go back to reread past blog entries to recall any of those) – I might as well (attempt to) present a brief, quasi-guided tour of this mystical/mythical land that is otherwise known (in certain quarters perhaps) as my personal Mind Palace.

[Quasi-disclaimer: At this point, I’m basically making up everything as I go along, and no doubt regular readers of this blog – if there are any out there – will note any description inconsistencies from those aforementioned previous blog entries, as I don’t have the time to research what I’ve already imparted about this place aside from what I can remember off the top of my head. As stated earlier, things here are always in flux, yet one day someday, I’ll get around to making all of this Canon.]

So, where to start? Let’s see – there are no formal marked roads in and/or out of this realm, people just show up (and sometimes leave) whenever they need to be there. It’s almost like the Room of Requirement from the Harry Potter book series, except it’s not (specifically) located in a grand castle cloaked from the general (non-magical) population.

I think.


One of the prominent features in the Land of Exposition is the (fabled) Character Development Inn, where (obviously) characters are created, enhanced, altered, shelved or (in rare cases) expunged from existence. It’s a cozy place, with a crackling fireplace, a well stocked (coffee) bar and  gourmet restaurant where all types of cuisine (real or otherwise) is available at a moment’s notice. There are 36 rooms (nine of which are luxury suites) all with reliable high speed wi-fi enabled (though Netflix, and certain social media websites are password protected and require specific high security clearance to access). There’s a fully equipped gym (and on-site personal trainers) and an Olympic sized swimming pool and adjacent lounge area. Of course, there’s a TARDIS sized library (it’s SO much bigger on the inside) that has universal lighting turned on 24/7 (so there’s no need to count any shadows), and a grand ballroom with a splendid (Secure!) chandelier and luxurious staircase leading down to a immaculately tiled dance floor (all the better to tango upon).

The staff are well versed in many languages, chock-full of random (and sometimes) useful information and are open-minded (to a point) regarding the content created/altered/destroyed within its halls/walls.

There’s even a quasi-friendly (gender fluid) ghost lurking about – for no apparent reason – who can help or hinder depending on his/her whimsy. He/She likes to be called Bob.

As the clock tower strikes, the mini tour has come to an abrupt end, as the Muses (another quasi-friendly fixture at the Character Development Inn) are waving their arms about in a haphazard fashion, demanding attention.


Attention must be paid.

Perhaps in the next installment (should there be one, and it’s quasi-likely there will be), there will be a further exploration into the Character Development Inn, and there might (!) even be an in-depth tour of the quasi-famous and almost notorious FanGirl Meter (patent pending).



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