Inadvertent Time Travel

As this is blog has become more a weekly journal (of sorts) of my progress (or lack thereof) in my writing process, with purposely vague allusions to the various works in progress currently brewing in my ever expanding mind palace, a brief summation of what’s been going over the past week.

Things have been rather interesting since the past entry – wi-fi service went down early Sunday morning – seems there was a house fire on the block behind where I live which knocked down wires and such (as far as I’m aware that fire was contained and minimal damage remained). So there was no internet, (landline) phone service or cable – thankfully cell phone service remained active (the cell phone provider was independent from the landline counterpart). After the obligatory complaint query to said provider (which shall remain nameless), whose automated voice service intoned that repairs would be completed by midnight Tuesday [while an annoyance, it was sort of understandable, as Monday was Memorial Day], I set about pondering my options.

It’s funny how technology has become ingrained in our lives in these modern times – how one becomes accustomed to the omnipresence (and reliability) of high speed internet for checking email, logging into Facebook, and conducting Google and Wikipedia searches. That Sunday morning I awoke to the absence of the (habitual) pinging from my iPad, indicating I had unread email. While I can (still) remember a time before the internet,it was a bit disorienting to be without it – it was as if I had inadvertently traveled back in time. It felt odd to lose that quasi-communal connection (if only for a few days), yet it was oddly serene to not have the “distraction” of checking email, Facebook and such. If anything, this brief hiatus in internet connectivity allowed me to (re) focus my efforts in my neverending quest to actually!write, plot and ponder the aforementioned works in progress.

[Full disclosure: I did take quasi-breaks during my off line time to check email, Facebook and such by traveling to my local Starbucks to use their free wi-fi,so I wasn’t totally cut off from the modern world]


During the (relative) quiet during my (inadvertent) travels to a time before the Internet, the plot bunnies came out to play, and I set about to actually!edit and actually!(re)write those writing prompts I had posted, and ponder how/when/if they fit in the Epic Series Saga. Thoughts (and plot bunnies) strayed back to reinstating old plot twist ideas and formerly discarded- and-filed-away subplots and digressions. Some of the old(er) ideas I had had suddenly made (some) sense and could actually work within the context and construct of the individual series, bringing forth a quasi-linear sequence of events and narrative arc. Character development shifted (slightly) – personality traits were tweaked, some characters were eliminated, some reinstated, while others were moved about from one series to the other. Things were moving at a not-so-glacial pace, and ideas were flying all over the place.

Then wi-fi service was restored early Tuesday evening.

Back to the Future Present I went.

The progress made during my (figurative) travels back in time remained, while some of the extraneous subplots returned to its filed-away status, a lingering side effect from the trip. Again, while it was a (minor) annoyance not having that omnipresent Internet access (which in the grand scheme of things, given world events and such, seems such a First World Problem) it was an interesting experience to relive (though I wouldn’t want to go through it again). Though technically speaking, I could voluntarily “turn off” these “distractions”, and plot, ponder and actually!write using the “old school” methods [the ever trusty pen and paper], the temptation of going online will always remain.

I’m not so sure what the point of this entry was/is or if it’s of any interest to anyone, but at least it’s a quasi-permanent record of the goings on during my brief sojourn back in time.

I’m also still pondering whether or not to keep the writing prompts I had written and posted last year intact and repost the edited versions in a separate entry, or to simply replace the original post and republish the edited version.

Opinions are welcome.

As are comments (positive, negative or indifferent) – sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads and follows these weekly musings…



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